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2nd Birthday

Working With The Good & The Bad

We are 2 years old and growing. We have faced much hardship and disappointments, but we've also made a lot of production progress. Our new logos, our finalized websites, etc., President Wilson met several leaders in her field (both Christian and non-Christian) and she was ordained at the command of Yahweh and received her credentials. More importantly President Wilson has mastered the most important thing: Learning her people, learning her organization and being able to run every aspect of it.

We haven't exactly had what President Wilson would call success, but we have had a lot of experience. We met many people. Some good, some bad. We had workers, who all in the end quit or had to be fired. AW was supposed to be registered as a non-profit, but the IRS/Kentucky Department Of Revenue had us registered for profit. When President Wilson noticed this error in 2018 she did try to correct it, but was told by an official to not pay anything and to file an Article Of Amendment and pay a fee. She did this, but the change never took place. We assumed all was taken care of, but it was not changed. Everyone was under the impression we were making money and were operating as a profit organization. This was not entirely our fault.

Due to policy changes in postal services in our area that we were unaware of, AW never received the warnings or final notices in the mail. No one called us from the Sectary Of State, Kentucky Department Of Revenue or the IRS to let us know about these issues. We did not get an email explaining what was happening either. We are not sure if this is just a basic procedure on their end or if this was a misunderstanding. As a result of this poor communication AW was dissolved, but after much prayer and calling around, President Wilson was able to restore the organization back to Good Standing with the Kentucky Department Of Revenue and was reenlisted through the Kentucky Sectary Of State!

AW has faced many hardships, disappointments, was betrayed constantly, lost an enormous amount of money, and still hasn't found someone to take us seriously or help our vision move along. We praise the Godhead anyway! We give Him glory and praise. It's fine. We, His children, will not stop what we've been called to do. Lucifer, and devils hates us. They hate what we represent and what we're doing. We expected this to happen. Although, it has hindered us, backtracked us, made our President quit, and shut down the organization twice--the Lord brought AW back to a restored position. It is the Lord who gave us this mission and it will be the Lord who will provide and make this organization grow. If no one will help us, if no one will work for us for free as volunteers, if no one will commit to us that's fine. We will pray for every person who mocks us, has hurt us, and belittled us. We will bless those who curse us and go about our way. Yahweh will judge them when they die.

One birthday, somewhere in the future that we cannot see, AW is going to celebrate again. That birthday will be a testament of experience, more hardship and possibly, more betrayal. Want to know what else it is going to be? Success. Success to either finding partners and having people all over the world get saved from reading President Wilson's anime graphic novels. Currently staff and the Board members are defeated physically not spiritually. When President Wilson accepted this calling she knew it was going to be difficult, vexing and full of disappointments. She knew she'd want to quit and want to walk away which she did two different times... but in the end, her love for Yahweh was bigger. Her faith grew, now she's determined like no other to take this organization to its full potential before she dies. She, herself, is very sick, and disabled. That is not stopping her. Devils and negative bystanders mock her to her face. The church has not supported her, the sinners have not supported her, and yet she doesn't see them as a hindrance anymore. All she sees is Yahweh. Perhaps that was one lesson to be learned in the second year of operation?

We will reach the lost.

We will see members of the Woke (LGBTQ+) community get saved.

We will get support, just not in the form we envisioned.

We will partner with someone who shares our passion.

There is no power, no not one. Not the power of humans, not the power of angels, not the power of devils, not the power of the gates of Hell that can stop the good works that Yahweh has started in this company. For if this is of us, mere humans, it will fail, and we will fade out of history, never to be mentioned or remembered. If we are of God, then there is nothing anyone can do to stop it, and after years of much prayer, fasting, and seeking Yah's will in her life, President Wilson knows AW is His will, not hers. Therefore, nothing will stop it. It's just a matter of time, and she is finally at a still, an understanding, and waits eagerly for the day this company will be revealed to the entire world.


Blog post written by AAW

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