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Disclaimer: Sorry, AW isn't taking any job applications at this time. You are free to visit the Careers page, but understand even if you submit a application, you will be sent a email that will inform your application will be held, but not approved. Until we can get financial aid and find dedicated staff for the CEO Board and UA's Board Of Trustees, hiring workers will not be possible. Everyone works for free at in this ministry and had other jobs that pay the bills and put food on the table. President Wilson wanted it to be that way, but some applicants want AW to become their career, so until we have a means to pay workers we have formally decided all hiring positions are closed. If you really want to join our team, you must work for free and make that clear in your application. A worker who doesn't mind not being paid will be hired without fail, but a worker who wants money cannot be hired at this time.

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