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Bard Tales: Make A Joyful Noise

The bards will appear throughout our projects and projects of our affiliates. Can you find them all? Will you listen to their epic songs and be moved by their honeyed words? After they complete their training we will release the bards one by one. They will and meet you in your reading journey when special editions of novels are completed. Until that time comes, the bards will train their vocal cords, sharpen their conversion skills of secular lyrics and master their unique instruments at the Bard's College. When the college is ready for visitors, you may go inside, but you must have a ticket to gain entry.  Need a ticket? You can purchase one here.

Visit Bard's College (Closed)
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About Zion Studio

We are a small team of dedicated workers who work at Zion Studio, the art department for Anointed Works (AW). We are responsible for bringing the producer’s ideas and stories to life. Zion Studio was formally known as “The Forge”. This name had a unique meaning and purpose with our producer, Rachel Renee Wilson. Yahweh refines his followers with fire just like a weapon is forged with fire. The Forge was a place where the producer came together with the team and directors for her personal projects. No one else could help her, team up or make suggestions, as the projects the producer had in the works, were already finished and merely needed refining. After a few years past, the producer renamed The Forge to Zion Studio and decided to work with our affiliates and to create content for AW too, not just for herself. With the help of AI, we can create digital illustrations.

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