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1st Birthday

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

A Foundation Is Born

On January 10, 2018, the AW was made official. It wasn't impressive, it wasn't life-changing. It was simply the next step for President Wilson. She hadn't considered a company. She did not desire a company, but that was what Yahweh wanted for her. President Wilson went to the courthouse in Jackson to have the bylaws of the company notarized.  This was very important, as AW wants people with pure minds, spirits, and motives to work for the company. Legally, she knew she had to be an equal opportunity employer--but that didn't mean President Wilson had to accept sin into her camp.

In Yahweh's eyes, that was not going to be tolerated, and she knew she couldn't break the law of the land either. The bible does say to obey the laws of the land and to mind "Caesar". Yet, it also says when Caesar crosses a line that is unacceptable, serving Yahweh's laws, upholding those laws is mandatory. She created the bylaws, stating what the company follows and all of those rules are found in the bible.

If applicants, employees, or staff could not accept those bylaws, then they could leave and should leave. A contract agreement is binding, making the individual accountable to everything that is stated in the contract, and President Wilson took her position as a CEO very seriously. Anyone can work for AW, but if they are going to keep sinning on or off the clock, then AW is not the job for them. Accidents happen, but willful sinning is proud, selfish, and a horrible habit that he/she must ask Yahweh to help them with. In our experience, people don't want to put in the effort, or the commitment. They feel they can be "holy" around us, their employer then turn around and live a double life outside of work.

AW, and it's workers do not do this. True followers of Jehoshua don't do that either. Jehoshua, Paul both said people who choose holiness must die daily and put their flesh under subjection to the cross. Therefore, behaving on the Sabbath (or whatever day someone picks to worship Yahweh on) should not be the only time holiness is shown. It is a choice. It is a lifestyle and it is not something AW will bend on. The foundation of this organization is the true origin Bible. Not human teachings, opinions or "feelings". Solid truth and morals. To date President Wilson and AW is still a fresh start-up and probably will be for the next few years. We are eager to see where our leader will go, what she will do and how her Christian novel series will impact people's lives.


Blog post written by AW

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