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Artzenin Eklektós

Bio: Artzenin Eklektós is a Christian author, poet and novelist. She is known as The Purifier, because she specializes in taking secular works and Christianizing her rivals productions. After Artzenin does this, she creates the same theme people like, but with moral, Biblical foundations and uses that content to witness to her readers. Visit her website to learn more about Search For The Griffin.

Business(s): N/A

Talent: Writer 

Phone: N/A

Email: N/A

Social Media:  Instagram | X | YouTube


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Lacy J. Webb
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Lacy Webb

Bio: Lacy has been an essential contributor to the writing industry for many years. Her primary focus has been on the development of children's books, but her deep passion and personal experiences is in her poems. Lacy believes that books should be a primary tool for children's education and her stories reflect that. At AW, we believe in Lacy's vision and we strive to ensure that her work reaches every reader around the world. We are proud to be a part of Lacy's journey and hope you will become a fan of her works one day too. Read her Author's Note to learn more about her. 

Business:(s) Anointed Works/The Seeker News Magazine

Talent: Developer/Writer

Phone: N/A


Social Media: Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn


Rebecca D. Gabbard
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Rebecca Gabbard

Bio: Becca is a Painter and Artist, known for her paint pours. Becca runs a small artwork business out of her upstairs bedroom that has been converted into an art studio. She mainly creates fluid art on various sizes of canvases, but she also makes seasonal themed paintings, paint skin bookmarks, hand painted Christmas ornaments, fluid art wall hangers, etc. Don't worry if you don't have a lot of money. Becca does art for people with low budgets. Hire Becca today and let her do the hard work for you.

Business(s): Paintings and Doodles By Becca

Talent(s): Artist/Painter

Phone: N/A


Social Media: Facebook | Instagram TikTok

Website: N/A

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