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Apply For Sponsorship

Disclaimer: By creating a account on our website you agree to our Terms Of Service, the Terms and Conditions of our Sponsorship Policy and understand that you will not be paid as a Creator and you will never be required to pay AW for your sponsorship. If you violate these policies you will loose your sponsorship and your account will be deleted. Before creating an account with us or applying for sponsorship, read the policies carefully and download copies for your records.

There are two methods you can select from for your sponsorship. You can create a account on the site and by doing so, you will have your own personal profile as well as the Creator space. With a profile you can link images, upload images and videos, link embedded videos and personalize your profile to reflect yourself casually or professionally. Creators who are members of the site will also receive free merch, such a s mugs, hats, t-shirts hoodies, etc.  If you do not wish to commit and create a account, that's fine. You can still be a Creator, but in your email to AW you are required to tell us that. You can also send us a message in the Live Chat and tell us you only want a Creator Space and must state that you don't want a account. Please note that non-members don't get a profile, will not receive free merch from AW.  Pick the option that best suits you, your needs and your business. 

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