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Exclusive Services

At AW we offer (3) types of services. Christian anime for our targeted audience, Christian education for seekers (students) who enroll at UA and free sponsorship for Christian and non-Christian creators who have a brand, business or a hobby. To use our services, you must meet the service requirements entailed in our Terms Of Service.

Service 1: We are committed to educating and inspiring people with strong moral values. Our innovative approach includes using Christian anime to engage our audience and spread the word of Elohim, but to ultimately educate and inform our audience about good and evil. We are convinced that everyone deserves the opportunity to discover the whole truth of the Book and grow in their relationship with Yeshua Christ. Through this service, we hope to make a positive impact with our content on the lives of people around the world.

Service 2: AW teaches the whole truth of the Book at Unaligned Academy® (UA), our online ministry. If a person enrolls at UA, they will become a seeker, he/she will be exposed to the entire 266 books (that we have found and care legit), learn basic Hebrew, and its origin and can earn a Bible Certificate for completing our free course, Kodis Epta. The Bible Certificate does not count as official credits for other online institutions, it merely serves as a badge of completion. Prior to earning a Bible Certificate, AW fully expects seekers to leave UA with more understanding of what they already knew and with new, crucial knowledge of what they didn't know about Elohim and the book in general.


Service 3: There are no strings attached for this service or hidden fees whatsoever. It's risk free and doesn't cost people anything. AW does not make anything off sponsoring creators and creators do not get paid for this free service at any point during their sponsorship. Saved or not saved, AW desires to help creators with hobbies, talents and a legit, legal business or profession. The main reason we do this is because no one helped us and everything we achieved was paved through stress, labor and depression. No one should feel this when pursuing their passion. No one should feel ignored, alone or devalued simply because they are not popular or poor. This is the main reason we offer free promotion to creators. We want to give them the expose and boost they need to get things going and literally don't want anything in return. Their happiness and success is all we could hope for.

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