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  • What are your business hours?
    Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM. We are closed on the weekends and do not reply to emails or messages sent to us on social media. You are free to email us and DM us on social media, but we will not reply to your messages until the following workday.
  • Where can I reach you?
    Visit our Contact page, find the email you need to use and send us a message. You can chat with our Support Team directly through the live chat. To do this, just hit the live chat bubble on the lower right corner of your screen or tap the chat bubble on your mobile screen. A form will appear after your open the live chat. Fill out the form and wait for a support agent to respond to your message. You can also reach AW Support on X, send them a private message and once your message is received an AW Support agent will reach out to you within 24 hours or less.
  • What services do you offer?
    At AW we offer (3) types of services. Christian anime for our targeted audience, Christian education for seekers (students) who enroll at UA and free sponsorship for Christian and non-Christian creators who have a brand, business or a hobby. To use our services, you must meet the service requirements entailed in our Terms Of Service. ​ Service 1: We are committed to educating and inspiring people with strong moral values. Our innovative approach includes using Christian anime to engage our audience and spread the word of Elohim, but to ultimately educate and inform our audience about good and evil. We are convinced that everyone deserves the opportunity to discover the whole truth of the Book and grow in their relationship with Yeshua Christ. Through this service, we hope to make a positive impact with our content on the lives of people around the world. ​ Service 2: AW teaches the whole truth of the Book at Unaligned Academy® (UA), our online ministry. If a person enrolls at UA, they will become a seeker, he/she will be exposed to the entire 266 books (that we have found and care legit), learn basic Hebrew, and its origin and can earn a Bible Certificate for completing our free course, Kódikas Eptá (Code 7). The Bible Certificate does not count as official credits for other online institutions, it merely serves as a badge of completion. Prior to earning a Bible Certificate, AW fully expects seekers to leave UA with more understanding of what they already knew and with new, crucial knowledge of what they didn't know about Elohim and the book in general. Service 3: There are no strings attached for this service or hidden fees whatsoever. It's risk free and doesn't cost people anything. AW does not make anything off sponsoring creators and creators do not get paid for this free service at any point during their sponsorship. Saved or not saved, AW desires to help creators with hobbies, talents and a legit, legal business or profession. The main reason we do this is because no one helped us and everything we achieved was paved through stress, labor and depression. No one should feel this when pursuing their passion. No one should feel ignored, alone or devalued simply because they are not popular or poor. This is the main reason we offer free promotion to creators. We want to give them the expose and boost they need to get things going and literally don't want anything in return. Their happiness and success is all we could hope for.
  • What is AW's values?
    We specialize in Christianizing secular productions and making them Godly so people can learn about Christ and still enjoy the themes they like. Rather than turn a blind eye and keep pretending that what our children and even adults are watching/playing is okay, we expose the dark schemes of Hell/Satan in those things for what they really are. President Wilson firmly believes Christians and the church need to stop making excuses for those activities and understand that fantasy, video games, songs, etc. are not evil at the core. It’s what people make them do that determines if the product is good or bad. Sadly, there is more bad than good and Christians promote entertaining those dark themes instead of putting them away and warning people to be careful about what they feed their spirits and what they feed their mind. We are very sincere about helping people see the differences and we’re going to do that using Christian fantasy. AW does not depend on Christian fantasy to save people. We depend on Christian fantasy to be the stepping stone that pulls people out of dark entertainment to reality where Elohim and the Bible are. President Wilson is tired of seeing kids being deceived through secular media and then hooked on dark themes of fantasy or any form of entertainment that teaches doctrines of devils. Anything that installs false theologies, teachings of demons, promoting of sexual immoral activities is her competition, rival, and non-stop spiritual warfare. Examples of these entertainments range from, but are not limited to: Idolatry Abortion (A form of Murder) Murder Lying Stealing Nudity (half naked or fully naked men and women.) Fornication Sexual Immoralities (LGBTQ+, bestiality, incest.) Witchcraft Communing With The Dead (One who has passed away.) False God/Goddess Mythology Doctrine Organized & Human-Made Religion Legalizing Sin All these themes are found in video games, comics, manga (Japanese comics), non-fiction stories, movies, music, etc. Christianizing secular works is the main focus at AW, it is not the only thing we do. We pray for the world, for each other and also try to find others to support financially, all in the name of Yeshua Christ. Nothing we do is of our own power, we are only able to do this through Yeshua who strengthens us. AW has people who want to make that change in the world where others haven't. Our personal financial goal is to raise enough money so we can use supplies and equipment to complete the development of our projects. Our team is small, we are broke and are running on nothing, but our spirit is willing. This organization is founded on faith and it will be our faith that will make it grow. President Wilson and her team are grounded by the Book in everything we do. We will keep going even if people mock us and choose to not understand who we are, much less what this ministry is about. We have not reached any of our goals as of yet, but we are still seeking ways to do this and have faith the Lord will send us help at some point. ​ These Christian works we’re creating alongside with President Wilson, who is also the author and novelist of Search For The Griffin, will be detailed at the experience of art professionals and finalized by the Dev Team to ensure our readers get the best quality possible. We want our projects to impress people and peak curiosity, even if our readers disagree with what we are teaching.
  • Who is the Webmaster?
    Rachel Renee Wilson is the Webmaster of this website. If you need to get in touch with her about something concerning the website, please email her at:
  • Do you offer email subscription?
    AW does not offer email subscription at this time, only newsletter subscription. Part of the reason we choose to avoid email subscription is due to our personal dislike of ads, ad marketing and intrusive email marketing. We wish to avoid this path with our visitors and members. Email subscription will mean different things depending on what we would want to market to you. Email subscription campaigns generally is about sending out weekly/monthly offers of: Fundraisers Store Ads/Deals Support Awareness When you sign up and become a member of our community, you will not receive emails about those topics until the Board decides to change their mind on this subject. What you will receive and can expect is updates that revolve around all our company, our art department, Zion Studio and online ministry, Unaligned Academy® (UA) and seasonal newsletters.
  • Why do does your company call the Bible, "Book"?
    In the book of Jubilees, the author clearly said that Yahweh wanted his collection of stories to be called "The Book" and the author further states that in that chapter that there were 266 people on the Earth at that time and as commanded by Yahweh there would be a total of 266 books. The English word/term of Bible is derived from Koinē Greek: τὰ βιβλία, romanized: ta biblia, meaning "The Books" (singular βιβλίον, biblion). The word βιβλίον itself had the literal meaning of "scroll" and came to be used as the ordinary word for "book". However, Hebrew was first and AW and UA support Hebrew origin and word definitions only with our ministries. Saying Bible is not wrong and it will not send a Christian to Hell, but saying The Book is also acceptable in the eyes of the Elohim and not wrong. Say what you're comfortable with, just don't expect our team to use the word Bible over The Book on this site, in our blog posts, our content, etc. because we want to address things the way Yahweh intended to the best of our ability.
  • When was the company created?
    Anointed Works L.L.C. was founded on January 10th, 2018 in Jackson Kentucky by Rachel Renee Wilson.
  • What kind of Corporation is AW?
    AW is a Christian organization with an American based team located in the United States Of America.
  • What does AW stand for?
    AW is the acronym for Anointed Works.
  • Where is your Corporation located?
    We are located in Eastern Kentucky in Breathitt County. For protection purposes, our corporate address will not be listed publicly for anyone to see because the president is the owner of the corporation and decided to make AW HQ her personal residence.. Our mailing address is public and can be found on every platform we are a part of and right here on the website. Visit our Contact Us section to find out how you can get in touch with us.
  • What is AW's Chain Of Command?
    We are very short staffed at AW. We are always hiring for employees, but it is hard to do that as a non-profit organization that cannot pay their employees and depend on donations of others to keep things up and running. Like all established organizations we have a pyramid of authority that staff answer to. We want the members of our community or visitors just passing by to be aware of who is who, their jobs and their positions at AW. A brief overview of our staff can be found on our AW Staff page that highlights our employee’s job titles and a basic bio of their duties within the organization. Approval Authority/CEO/President: This authority [Rachel Wilson] is responsible for final approval of a new or revised policy and approval of any organization investments the CFO presents. In all cases, the Approval Authority will not be the same as the Responsible Office. The Approval Authority is always over the Responsible Office. [Rachel Wilson] bypasses every officer under her, and ultimately, is the final say so on everything. CFO/Treasurer: The CEO charges this executive officer [Jermiah Webb] with the responsibility to oversee all the organization’s financial situations that deal with the organization’s bank system offline, online banking, online investments made for the organization and keeping a log of every purchase AW has made offline or online. If staff and Board members need supplies for their assignments and departments, they can request purchases from the organization. It is the Treasure’s responsibility to make sure that everyone gets what they need and adds those transactions to the Log Record and Log Expenses, which is found on AW’s OneDrive. It is mandatory that the CFO includes all charity, fundraiser and donation investments in their weekly and annual log report that will be given to the Executive Director when required or at the end of the quarter. Chairwoman: The CEO charges this officer executive [Whitney Taylor] with the responsibility to presiding over the Board or committee meetings. The Chairwoman’s main duties include chairing meetings of the CEO Board, setting meeting agendas in conjunction with the Secretary, managing and providing leadership to the CEO Board. The Chairwoman is constantly acting as a direct liaison between the CEO Board and the organization’s Employee Committee. Representative: The CEO charges this executive officer [Rachel Wilson] with the responsibility to represent the organization’s values and CEO’s authority in public meetings, at bank meetings when the CEO cannot be present. The Representative speaks officially for a employee, group of employees at manger’s meetings, annual meetings, and reports all activity to the Organizer. Executive Director: The CEO charges this executive officer [Rebecca Barnett] with the responsibility to oversee development of all organization policies, the revision of existing policies as required in his/her area of jurisdiction to ensure that appropriate stakeholders [e.g., senior executives, CEO Board/Board of Directors, Vice Presidents, chancellors, administrators, etc.] are appropriately consulted during business quarters. The ED’s top priority is to make sure everyone in the organization is keeping to their contract agreements. The ED also does annual reviews of staff, the Board members and looks to see if they are doing their jobs correctly, efficiently, and accurately. If the ED suspects the staff or a member of the Board are deliberately misusing their authority against hired staff and obtains proof, they can write a notice of offenses and fire the employee if he/she doesn’t correct their conduct. Likewise, if the ED suspects hired volunteer employees have breached their contracts more than (2) times and obtains proof, they can write a notice of offense to the employee up and terminate them. Under the direction of the Approval Authority, when anyone of the Board creates a new policy, updates a policy, makes edits to contracts, that Board member must inform the ED and mail them a digital copy of their work and wait for approval from ED. All major company decisions must be run through the ED and prior to approval, the Board must agree before passing a policy or amending a policy and the employee must be in agreement with changes to their contracts and the ED will ensure these procedures go smoothly. Registered Agent: The CEO charges this executive officer [Rachel Wilson] with the responsibility to oversee promotions for the organization, presented finished projects to sponsors and acting as a support line for the employees if he/she has an emergency crisis and help the employee solve their problems and answer all questions they may have. Responsible Office: The CEO charges this executive officer [Jeremiah Webb] to be the supervisor of all RO’s in the company. Vice CEO/Vice President: The CEO charges this executive officer [Lacy Jay Webb] with the responsibility to oversee all the employees needs in the organization to act as the CEO’s second in command. If needed, the Vice CEO will help mangers train employees. The Vice CEO is over all staff, mangers, and the RO Officers [Jeremiah Webb]. Vice CEO can also hire applicants and fire employees if they desire, and he/she can approve legal documents in place of the CEO and representative the CEO’s authority in business/team meetings and at public events. The Vice CEO’s main purpose is to make sure everyone else is doing their jobs and upholding all organization policies and regulations. Webmaster: The CEO charges this executive officer [Rachel Wilson] with the responsibility to be the Webmaster of AW's Official Website. A Webmaster is a person responsible for maintaining one or many websites. The title may refer to web architects, web developers, site authors, website administrators, website owners, website coordinators or website publishers. The duties of a Webmaster may include ensuring that the web servers, hardware and software are operating correctly, designing the website, generating and revising web pages, A/B testing, replying to user comments, and examining traffic through the site. Approved: Date the policy was first posted on the company’s website. [2/15/2018]. Reviewed: Date the policy was last reviewed [11/7/2023]. Revised: Date of revisions made to the policy [3/25/2024] Contact: For questions pertaining to policies, rules, legalities, contracts and the AW procedures, please contact us via email. If our business email doesn’t work, please use our free email instead. Fax: N/A Phone: N/A Free Email: Business Email:
  • Does AW plan on going international or staying local?
    Yeshua said start with your Jerusalem then your Judea. It is crucial to plant seeds in other countries, but the first group of souls we want to reach is their own. If AW cannot witness to the citizens of the United States Of America, how are we to win souls in far off places? It is highly possible though even with reaching the people of the USA, AW would not consider expanding its name internationally. That will mean copyright fees and trademark fees and the process is so expensive and exhausting, it's just easier to stay within our territory.
  • How will AW affect the world?
    If you're thinking we're going to become so popular we don't know what to do with ourselves, that will never happen. AW's goal is to get people to sincerely think about what they're doing with their time, their gifts, their actions and their life in general through Christian anime. People fear what they cannot understand, but fear of Yahweh is the first step in obtaining Wisdom. Sure we want to get enough finficial support so we can help people in need, provide clothes, food and basic needst throughout our communtiy, but realistictlly that will not happen for us. AW is not a typical ministry and this is why--people like anime, hate Christ or like Christ and hate anime. AW is both of those themes combined, so we are at a instant disadvantage, so we support other Christian creators and aim to sponsor their words on our website and bring awareness to them and what they do. In general AW will always plant seeds in people through by preaching The Book and supporting Artzenin, but that's about it for us. This isn't a drastic impact on the world, let alone a huge impression to leave on people, but then again... we're not here to compete for attention or make a dramatic name for our ministry. If you're hoping AW will entertain you to that extent, we are so sorry to inform you that AW is not going to do that. Please pursue another online ministry that can give and provide you those results if that's the case and safe journey's friend!
  • Do Christians only work at AW or can anyone work for them?
    Hiring people who do not believe in the Book doesn't mean AW won't consider that person for hire. We hire people based on qualifications only. Before a person can be approved for a hire, all applicants must read the Work Conduct Policy (WCP) and send it signed with their application via email within (3) business days to be considered for hire. The WCP states the doctrine and bylaws of our faith. If applicants cannot accept this then they should not sign their name and agree to work for AW. The WCP properly explains what sin is and the themes we do not condone in our projects, that is to say, to accept sin as normal. If an applicant wants to work for AW or at UA they must accept that we uphold the entire word of Yahweh and will not make acceptations for sin or lifestyles of sin that counter the Book's doctrine. Meaning, on the clock applicants that are hired will represent AW and uphold our standards.
  • Is Anointed Works a cult?
    Anointed Works is not a cult. AW is founded and rooted in the Book and all the projects we create or projects we collaborate with are strictly Christian/Hebrew orthodox. However, unlike some groups we promote the original Hebrew and Greek origin doctrine and all 266 books. We do not condone the indoctrination of cutting these canon books, nor do we support flawed translations we have found to be misleading and dangerous. Our organization and staff honor the Elohim, not the traditions of people and teachings of devils. If you believe our people are cultists for obeying the scripture from Jubilees that literally tells the reader Yahweh Hashem ordained aw-dom (humanity) to have and read 266 books offends you and has convinced you AW and UA are a cult, that's sad and we cannot help you. All we can do is verify our stance on this rumor and point you to the scripture to justifies us honoring the original canon books and its doctrine. There are added books from other groups and pagan books that a lot of publishers have included in apps that are labeled "Lost Books". You must be careful and read the introduction letters in those digital copies. Some of them are from the original 266 and some of them are not. AW and UA will only endorse the original books and written and we do not care those other scholars and theologies thought those books had no value, didn't belong or were too "weird" and made them uncomfortable. It is Yahweh's Book, he told us not to add or subtract and what has aw-dom done? Added, taken away, edited verses, cut verses then have the audacity to say our group is a cult because we obey and don't add or subject to the doctrine. Ridiculous. It's utterly ridiculous how humans are so quick to believe mortals "logic" over the divine order and factual truth that came from Elohim's mouth that is recorded in the book of Jubilees. Whatever your take on the 266 is you can have it and believe what you will. Doesn't erase the facts of the 266, their artifacts or how precept is confirmed upon precept. The 266 points to Christ, explain spiritual matters and reveal details about Elohim, angels, devils and our future as a race. How past scholars and theologians found this unacceptable and "concerning" is pure weakness and fear. You cannot treat the Book like a bag of MM&Ms, taking out what you like and discarding what you don't like. We're not a cult and it's upsetting that so many will believe this rumor when they haven't even studied, read the other books and studied Hebrew origin documents and scripture to see how it all connects.
  • Is the Founder/CEO/President of Anointed Works a lesbian, bisexual, trans, etc.?
    The woman who founded Anointed Works is not any of the following: Lesbian Bisexual Transgender (surgery to make a biological woman/man the opposite sex/gender.) Non-Binary Queer Hermaphrodite President Wilson is biologically a female woman with breasts and a vagina as Yahweh-Jehovah designed the woman to be. She is not a man, she does not have an artificial penis or implanted parts. President Wilson is straight, but due to having more testosterone in the womb and simply taking after her father, she reflects both gender/sex appearances. We assure you President Wilson is not any of the terms stated above, nor do those terms apply to President Wilson or her sexuality. Hermaphrodite Disclaimer: When we say this version of the word, we are referring to an actual person or animal having both male and female sex organs or other sexual characteristics, either abnormally or in the case of some organisms as the biological condition. Despite this condition, doctors can still determine the natural gender that the person or animal should have been. There is no third gender. This condition is a result of sin and a defect in human and animal DNA.
  • Why don't you have Artzenin's work on your website?
    We are just the sponsor for Artzenin's works. We do not have any rights over the author's distribution rights. At no point will you find the novels or their lores posted on our website. What you will find here is Artzenin's creator profile on our Showcase page. In her creator bio, there is backlink to her website where you can read novels and their lores for free.
  • Why does every novel and lore have a "Age Rating Agreement Policy" inside of it?
    Search For The Griffin (SFTG) is designed for the following: T - Teen YA - Young Adult A - Adult Artzenin's novels are for meant people that can discern and understand adult themes of The Book. We do not recommend that parents or guardians allow their children to engage with SFTG until they are 15+ years or older. In each novel there will be an Age Rating Agreement that will state T for Teen, M for Mature or E for Everyone. By reading the Age Rating Agreement the reader is agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the author and taking responsibility for what they are about to read. AW nor the author are liable for anything that should come of this, as the Age Rating Agreement clearly tells the parent(s) and legal guardian(s) what age a child needs to be to read the content. Where people live in the world matter when they decide to read SFTG. Some cultures do not legally permit their youth to be witnessed to by Christians or told about "religion" in general until they are a certain age. AW nor the author are liable if a youth secretly comes onto this website or author's website and are not of legal age to do so. It is the reader's responsibility to the know the law of their nation and the requirements their government has before downloading any of the novels off the author's website or creating an account on this website or the author's website. Users who lie about their age just so they can read a novel will be persecuted accordingly by the governing law of the state of Kentucky of the United States Of America. Depending on which novel of the series of SFTG a minor selects, parent(s) and legal guardian(s) will see pictures and thus, will know exactly what age range their child needs to before reading the novel. If there is (T) image under the ARA, it means teenagers 15+ should read and teenagers under the age of 15 should no. If there is a (M) image under the ARA, it means teenagers 18+ should read and teenagers under 18 should not. If there is a (E) image under the ARA, it means anyone can read and minors do not need to have consent from their parents(s) or legal guardian(s).
  • Artzenin's novels show a lot of affection in their same sex and opposite sex relationships. Are the characters more than just "friends"?"
    No. Not at all. Artzenin's novels are written in way to show the public the correct way to approach affection in same sex and opposite sex friendships. Pure, non-sexual love exists, but the world lumps it in with secular passions and that isn't the type of ahavah (love) Yahweh has and is. Her novels focus on pure, divine ahavah and all of Artzenin's characters will express this type of affection platonically to their friends. Now, the world is not use to seeing that so Artzenin does her best not to overshow or gratify this theme, but realize, this is her love language from start to finish. If platonic themes offend you or bother you, Artzenin won't force you to read her series. Just put the eBook down, click out of the document and leave and go about your business. Readers are welcome to email her and ask about it, but honestly, the best answer we can provide for you is to read Wisdom by King Solomon and the book of Sirach. Those two books capture Yahweh's ahavah and that ahavah is Ruach, The Holy Spirit. Such depths are hard to understand and harder to accept, but realize it is ahavah that has inspired the same sex and opposite sex relationships in Artzenin's novels.
  • Does Artzenin support fusions of human and animals? Can we expect to see these themes used at all in her work?
    The fantasy race titles and race attributes fantasy use is not the same case for the projects and the races will in no way be associated to their secular counter parts. The appearance of those races is demonic and an abomination unto to Yahweh. Yahweh made humans, angels and animals separate species. Our rivals show twisted meshed species that are fused together and accepted as something normal. Example: Human/Horse, Human/Bird, Human/Angel, Human/Robot ​ We will not promote or sponsor these types of fusions of Christian authors, this includes Artzenin. Artzenin uses some of the known race titles in fantasy and genetic believable glitches in a character's DNA, but that's as far as she goes. Everything the reader encounters in Artzenin's works is a proven medical fact with a twist of fantasy applied to make the stories unique.
  • Are Artzenin's works connected or separate?
    Artzenin's novels and the lores are directly and indirectly connected to each other. Each novel and the lores coexist in the same universe, but are rooted in different galaxies with characters who live in different solar systems. Several characters will meet each other and through those characters the reader will be linked to other galaxies. Artzenin's earlier works such as Love Found At Sea, Darkness To Light, for example, are not part of the Search For The Griffin series. Those works are retired and as of date, she does not intend to use those characters or their timelines in SFTG.
  • What is a copyright?
    A copyright is the exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film or record literary, artistic or musical material and to authorize others to do the same. At its core copyright is a law that gives the owner of their work/masterworks (a book, movie, picture, song or website) the right to say how other people can use it. Copyright laws make it easier for people to make money by selling their content It is one part of a group of laws about intellectual property (the others being trademark and patent law). It helps protect people from having their works re-copied without permission and/or re-copying their works for commercial purpose. With copyright, a work can only be copied if the owner gives permission. If someone copies a work without permission the owner can say they infringed their copyright. Look out because when this happens the owner can sue for the amount that should have been paid. Most cases are handled by civil law. In more serious cases, a person who copies a work that is protected under copyright could be arrested, fined or even go to prison. Expiration Commonly, the copy-right law will protect the person and their heirs from 50 to 100 years since the first day of the owner's death. In many countries, the governments tried to modify "copyright law" to be updated to meet international standard. There are determinations to make the copyright law to meet international standard, but there are still some differences, according to the law culture in each country. Some countries violating copyright law will be sued by the civil law courts, but some countries can also be charged by criminal courts too.
  • What is Fair Use?
    Fair Use is a doctrine in the law of the United States that permits limited use of copyrighted material without having to acquire permission from the copyright holders. In its most general sense, Fair Use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owners. Fair Use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use qualifies as Fair Use, then it would not be considered a copyright infringement.
  • What is Transformative Use?
    There has been a lot of money and careful planning to define what qualifies as a Fair Use. There are no hard-and-fast rules, only general guidelines and varied court decisions, because the judges and lawmakers who created the Fair Use exception did not want to limit its definition. Like freedom of speech, they wanted this term to have an expansive meaning that could be open to interpretation. Common Fair Use tends to fall into two categories: Commentary/Criticism Parody Commentary & Criticism If you are commenting upon or critiquing a copyrighted work that is considered Fair Use. Examples of this would be writing a book review and this would not require seeking permission from the owners. Fair Use here allows you to reproduce some of the work to achieve your purposes legally. Some examples of commentary and criticism include: 1.) Quoting a few lines from a masterworks published song in a music review. 2.) Summarizing and quoting from a medical article on an illness in a news report. The underlying rationale of this rule is that the public gains benefits from your review, which is enhanced by including some of the copyrighted material. You use just enough to get your points across. whether that is in love or in favor of the owners who published the original content of what you are reviewing/commenting on. Parody A parody is an imitation of the style of a particular writer, artist or genre with deliberate exaggeration for comic effect. It is a work that ridicules another's work by imitating it in a comical way. Judges understand that by its nature, parody demands some taking from the original work being parodied. Unlike other forms of Fair Use, a decent use of the original work is permitted in a parody in order to “conjure up” the original.
  • I want to use copyrighted material in my videos for personal/public purposes. Can I use someone else's work without their permission under Fair Use?
    That will depend on what we and a court would consider reasonable and how much of our content you want to use without our expressive permission. Fair Use is one of the limitations to copyright intended to balance the interests of copyright holders with the public interest in the wider distribution and use of creative works by allowing as a defense to copyright infringement claims certain limited uses that might otherwise be considered infringement. Like "fair dealing" rights that exist in most countries with a British legal history, the Fair Use right is a general exception that applies all different kinds of uses with all types of works and turns on a flexible proportionality test that examines the purpose of the use, the amount used and the impact of the market on the original work. The innovation of the Fair Use right in U.S. law is that it applies to a list of purposes that is preceded by the opening clause "such as." This has allowed courts to apply it to technologies never envisioned in the original statute including Internet search, the VCR and the reverse engineering of software. It is your responsibility to understand the relevant law of the nation you reside in and whether it protects the use you have in mind. If you plan to use copyrighted material you didn’t create, we strongly advise you to seek legal advice first. AW nor our staff cannot provide legal advice or make legal determinations. What we can do is give permission. If you ask to use our work, are kind and tell us what it's for, we will most likely say yes. However, we do have a Fanworks Policy that covers a majority of what fans and people who create commentaries can do with our content and what steps they must take to use our copyrighted material. In almost every instance, the Fanworks Policy is the legal and safe route to take if one considered to use our content without asking for permission. If a person violates the Fanworks Policy then we may consider pressing charges, so make sure you read and abide by the guidelines if you do not intend to consult Artzenin and use the art or her works that we promote on our site.
  • I posted/uploaded your logos/works/artwork without your permission. Is that legal?
    So, here's how this works. Pay close attention. You can post our logo/brand/works on your website or display our logo/brand/works in a review or documentary video without our permission and legally be fine and not have to worry about anything if it falls under "Fair Use". However, if you claim ownership of our logo/brand/works on your websites, in your reviews, documentary videos or on your platforms for any reason, that is a copyright infringement. It is 100% against the law and you will be persecuted for it.
  • I uploaded a video that contained Artzenin's characters/brand/logo and posted it my YouTube channel. Am I in trouble?
    That would depend on how you went about the situation before making the post. YouTube has a policy in place that forbids people to post content (music, artwork, commentary, etc.) that violates the owner’s copyrights. Similar to the fanart, fanvideos that show Artzenin's original characters, brand, logos, etc. are trademarked under the law and rightfully belong to Artzenin. This means, after you upload your content YouTube may put a Copyright Claim Strike on your video if the bot detects anything that isn’t legally owned by you. This usually is for music tracks, or footage of published videos such as The Lion King. However, if your fanvideos falls under the category of "Fair Use" then Artzenin can't say anything. In its most general sense, Fair Use is the action of taking copyrighted material and using it in a video or article report with the motive to criticize as the person expresses their thoughts, opinions about the work they are reviewing. It is a “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner. In other words, Fair Use is a defense against a claim of copyright infringement. If your use qualifies as a Fair Use then it would not be considered an infringement. If your work causes harm to Artzenin's name, misleads others into thinking it's yours, if you claim the work as your own in the video, if you modify her artwork or the eBook content in her name and say you are associated to her group when you clearly are not, then you are in trouble. Artzenin doesn't mind people posting videos that talk about what she does and videos about their thoughts, views about her characters. She will mind if you steal them and do not give credit to where it is due. If you are operating under Fair Use, you must put this disclaimer in the description of your video so the public can see it and provide a link back to her website. YouTube Video Disclaimer: Portions of the materials used are trademarks and/or copyrighted works of Artzenin Eklektós. All rights reserved. This material is not official and is not endorsed by Artzenin Eklektós or her sponsor, AW.
  • Where can I read your Fanworks Policy?
    On the Policy page.
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  • Can I become A partner of AW?
    AW does not receive money from our partners. We're here to build trust and strong bonds. Money is not required for that. Partnership is simply friendship here and we are not ashamed to show the world who are friends are. Business partners are a combination of Christian/Non-Christian profit, non-profit ministries and corporations. We value our established friendships with our partners and hope they continue to show us their support through prayer or simply being kind to us in pubic. As of [3/4/2019] we have a policy that requires our partners to read and sign the Partership Contract. The Partnership Contract will explain you need to know, what behavior we expect from you and what you can expect from us. In order to be considered an official certified partner of AW, we must have a signed copy of your Partnership Contract.
  • Can I get a verified badge too?
    You will always see this symbol on verified accounts. Unless you are a certified business partner of AW, a celebrity (of any fame class or genre) staff, your account cannot be verified. AW introduced verified accounts to let members and visitors know that a celebrity or staff is accurately representing themselves on our website. This program is currently not open to the public. We will only verify accounts that can provide proof their official presence and identity. Verified accounts do not grant special privileges or access to certain areas on the website. It is just to ensure our business partners, public figures and staff are recognized as official and are real people. Also, it won't cost our verified users $8.00 via app or $11.00 via computer a month to keep their badge through a subscription. And yes, that was a direct jab at Elon Musk. AW doesn't hate him or fault his method of verification, but prior to observing his verification system, it is obvious to us that using such a tactic for verification would only make real verified users angry and possibly, make them want to cancel their accounts and that is the last thing we want to happen.
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