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3rd Birthday

Updated: Apr 12, 2022

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Blog post written by AW


Shifting Direction & Exploring New Options

We are 3 years old and have made some unique tweaks in how we intend to go about our mission! We have added some more features to the website as well. You can now access our online school, UA Unaligned Academy) and check out what President Artzenin is planning to do for students world wide. This is a non-profit organization as well that is currently creating classroom content for future students and has high aspirations for people who enroll at UA. It is a place of acceptance, a place of diversity and most importantly of all, a place where our students can learn who the real true living God of Creation is without the noise of the world present to distract them.

Zion Studio now has been given their own department. We, AW, will solely focus on helping Artzenin write the Search For The Griffin novel series, but Zion Studio is strictly over the artwork work, art galleries and content development. Their Dev Team is working hard on creating new lore book content this year and we hope their efforts will aid Artzenin as she busies herself with completing Milieu.

Since AW first made its appearance, our focus use to be about ministering to the Woke (LGBTQ+) community and seeing them come out of their sin and help lead to them real, true Christ, not the Christ they have formed to fit their narrative and agenda. It appears that Yahweh is leading Artzenin to address many communities, not just Woke alone. She is going in two directions instead of one and has recently decided that her series is not just about or for the Woke community. SFTG is a complicated universe with characters telling their stories. Stories that touch on various social issues as well as sensitive topics that she strongly insists her readers need to witness through the lens of her characters. That changes everything, doesn't it?

AW does not mind this shift in direction. We welcome it and will work hard this year to male sure Artzenin achieves her goals.


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