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3rd Birthday

Shifting Direction & Exploring New Options

We are 3 years old and have made some unique tweaks in how we intend to go about our mission! We have added some more features to the website as well. If you can enroll at UA and check out what the Board Of Trustees is planning to do for our seekers. They are busy creating classroom content and special features for future seekers and has high aspirations for anyone who enrolls UA. It is a place of acceptance, a place of diversity and most importantly of all, a place where our seekers can learn who the real true living God of Creation is without the noise of the world present to distract them.

Zion Studio has been given their own department. We teamed up with affiliates and work together to produce Godly content, artwork books, ebook and much more. Since AW first launch, our focus was about reaching only lost people. Now we're working to educate lost and saved and UA will be the first stepping stones in this direction.


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