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We want to hear from you. Let us know how we're doing. We read all submitted feedback, but can not always reply to them. Please note this feedback section is not linked to or affiliated with the Feedback Category on our community Forum page. That feedback is strictly for the projects. Any feedback you provide on this site will be labeled confidential, it will only be seen by our CEO Board. AW will be free to use and apply your information on a restricted basis, we will never redistribute your information to the public or sell it to 3rd parities.

Business Emails

Information Center | info@anointedworks.org

Purpose: This is the Support Service department for AW. Basic responses to fans, fanfiction complaints, handles common FAQ, takes suggestions, oversees business related intel, marketing inquires, gives valuable, detailed information in response to questions about our organization to anyone who asks, etc. Information Center agents are not allowed to finalize deal for promotions or business marketing offers. If you are a publicist or an investor who wishes to discuss these topics with AW, you must contact the CEO Board. As a non-profit organization there are certain options we can do and many options we are not allowed to do, so please keep that in mind before contacting the CEO Board. Workers who have questions about their contracts need to use this email. Applicants who wish to know their hiring status are required to use this email. People curious about applying for a job at AW should use this email. 

2.) CEO Board | officialanointedworks@gmail.com

1st Purpose: This is the Executive Committee department for AW. For anyone dissatisfied with how staff responded to your mail and feel you have been insulted, harassed, treated poorly or are not satisfied with the Responsible Office's handling of your case, please contact the CEO Board immediately. The CEO Board is the law of the organization, it exist to keep the community balanced. The CEO Board works hard to provide a fair, loving environment for our workers and members of our online community.  

2nd Purpose: The Human Resources department for AW is another branch of the Executive Committee. Human Resources is used to describe both the people who work for a company or organization and the department responsible for managing resources related to workers.

Corporate Mailing Address 

Anointed Works | P.O. Box 12 | Lost Creek KY, 41348


3rd Parties & Data Exploit Disclaimer 

We must display our contact information for legal reasons. AW recognizes that by doing this our information is considered public domain. However, we are not accepting of spam, malware, spyware, fishing emails in any way and want to make that clear. Spammers and all 3rd parties who add us to their mailing lists, AW does not give you permission to do this. You have a right to see and access our information, but we reserve the right to unsubscribe from your emails and not be re-added back. It is in your best interest to avoid adding us to your mailing lists at all. If 3rd parties read this disclaimer and spam us anyway and do not remove us when we select "unsubscribe", we reserve the right to press legal charges. Consider this your only and final warning.