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Updated: Apr 4, 2023

Artzenin Eklektos wearing a masquerade mask.

Anointed Works (AW) may have been founded on January 10, 2018 by Rachel Renee Wilson, but before 2018 there was 1993. In 1993 Rachel had always held a passion for fantasy and anime art. Back then, it was a mere hobby and something she did on the side when she didn’t have to worry about her chores/school work responsibilities. As the years passed her passion grew, but she went through a phase where she believed liking fantasy was evil, because that’s what she was taught by several people in the church community. It took President Wilson many years, constantly seeking Yahweh’s voice over people to understand a very important factor. The earth was Yahweh’s, mankind was created in the Godhead’s image and placed in a perfect setting. Before sin, everything was very good and without blemish. President Wilson reasoned in her mind if everything was pure before sin creativity was no different. Fantasy and art is a gift from Yahweh. It wasn’t wrong either. How she used it before she got saved was wrong and she was ignorant with her gift for many years.

Torn and full of doubts about such a direction for her life, President Wilson fought Yahweh for a long time. By a while, we mean nine years straight of kicking, screaming, and arguing with her Maker. This should not come as a shock to anyone. If people read their Bibles closely they’ll see similar reactions from several biblical characters, both in the OT, (original canon Apocrypha included) and NT. President Wilson didn’t have a lot of support from her family, not in the way she wanted and some family members questioned her about such a path. This only upset President Wilson and made her have more doubts about her calling. She would get to where she had faith, then back away, question everything Yahweh was telling her, and test her situations to see if it was truly Yahweh asking her to do such a crazy thing.

President Wilson loved her artwork, the stories she wrote, and always dreamed about becoming an author one day, but not a CEO of a Christian organization. In the end, Yahweh's will made sense and eventually it was what she wanted for her life. On December 15, 2017, she finally surrendered to Him and stopped fighting with the Godhead over everything. No more doubts, no more yelling, kicking, or screaming. She allowed Him to take over and a peace that surpassed all understanding fell over her instantly. The following day she woke up the next morning, went to the bank, opened up her first business account and AW became official on January 10, 2018.

At AW we specialize in Christianizing secular productions and making them godly so people can learn about Christ and still enjoy the themes they like. Rather than turn a blind eye and keep pretending that what our children and even adults are watching/playing is okay, we expose the dark schemes of Hell/Satan in those things for what they really are. Rachel firmly believes Christians and the church in general, need to stop making excuses for those activities and understand that fantasy, video games, songs, etc are not evil at the core. It’s what people make them do that determines if the product is good or bad. Sadly, there is more bad than good and Christians promote entertaining those dark themes instead of putting them away and warning people to be careful about what they feed their spirits and what they feed their mind.

AW is very sincere about helping people see the differences, and we’re going to do that through biblical allegories. AW does not depend on Christian fantasy to save people. We depend on the Christian fantasy to be the stepping stone that pulls people out of dark entertainment to reality where Yeshua and the Bible are. President Wilson is tired of seeing kids being deceived through secular media and then hooked on dark themes of fantasy or any form of entertainment that teaches doctrines of devils. Anything that installs false theologies, teachings of demons, promoting of sexual immoral activities is her competition, rival, and non-stop spiritual warfare. Examples of these entertainments range from, but are not limited to:

  1. Idolatry

  2. Fornication

  3. Sexual Immoralities

  4. Witchcraft

  5. God/Goddess Mythology

  6. Legalizing Sin

All these themes are found in video games, comics, manga (Japanese comics), non-fiction stories, movies, music, etc. Christianizing secular works is the main focus at AW, it is not the only thing we do. We pray for the world, for each other and also try to find others to support financially, all in the name of Jehoshua. Nothing we do is of our own power, we are only able to do this through Yeshua who strengthens us. AW has people who want to make that change in the world where others haven't. Our personal financial goal is to raise enough money so we can use supplies and equipment to complete the development of our projects.

Our team is small, we are broke and are running on nothing, but our spirit is willing. This organization is founded on faith and it will be our faith that will make it grow. President Wilson and and staff alike are grounded by The Book in everything we do. We will keep going even if people mock us and choose to not understand who we are, much less what this ministry is about. We have not reached any of our goals as of yet, but we are still seeking ways to do this and have faith the Lord will send us help at some point.

These Christian works we’re creating along side with President Wilson, who is also the Author and Novelist of Search For The Griffin, will be detailed at the experience of art professionals and finalized by the Dev Team to ensure our readers get the best quality possible. We want our projects to impress people and peak curiosity, even if our readers disagree with what we are teaching.

Artzenin Eklektos wearing a business suit.
My path.

"If you want to be successful in winning souls for the kingdom, you have to be willing to appeal to the likes and needs of the generation one lives in, and meet those kinds of people there. For my father, it’s the pulpit. For my mother, it’s caring for needy, drug damaged children. For my brother in Christ up the road, it’s going out and knocking on doors. For my sister in Christ who lives next door to me, it’s delivering food boxes and clothes. Creating Christian Anime (Japanese animation) and manga (comics) is my way of doing that."
--President Wilson


Blog post written by AW

Copyright © 2022 Anointed Works

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