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Image by Adrien Olichon

Anointed Works L.L.C.

Our Story

Anointed Works (AW) is a Christian company and the parent company of Unaligned Church (UC). AW was founded on January 10, 2018 by Rachel Renee Wilson, but before 2018 there was 1993. In 1993 Rachel had always held a passion for fantasy and anime art. Back then, it was a mere hobby and something she did on the side when she didn’t have to worry about her chores/schoolwork responsibilities. As the years passed her passion grew, but she went through a phase where she believed liking fantasy was evil, because that’s what she was taught by several people in the church community. It took President Wilson many years, constantly seeking Yahweh’s voice over people to understand a very important factor. The earth was Yahweh’s, mankind was created in Elohim's image and placed in a perfect setting. Before sin, everything was very good and without blemish. President Wilson reasoned in her mind if everything was pure before sin creativity was no different. Fantasy and art is a gift from Yahweh. It wasn’t wrong either. How she used it before she got saved was wrong and she was ignorant with her gift for many years.

Torn and full of doubts about such a direction for her life, President Wilson fought Yahweh for a long time. By a while, we mean nine years straight of kicking, screaming, and arguing with her Maker. This should not come as a shock to anyone. If people read their Bibles closely they’ll see similar reactions from several biblical characters, both in the OT, (original canon Apocrypha included) and NT. President Wilson didn’t have a lot of support from her family, not in the way she wanted and some family members questioned her about such a path. This only upset President Wilson and made her have more doubts about her calling. She would get to where she had faith, then back away, question everything Yahweh was telling her, and test her situations to see if it was truly Yahweh asking her to do such a crazy thing. 

President Wilson loved her artwork, the stories she wrote and always dreamed about becoming an author one day, but not a CEO of a Christian organization. In the end, Yahweh's will made sense and eventually it was what she wanted for her life. On December 15, 2017 she finally surrendered to Yahweh and stopped fighting with Elohim over everything. No more doubts, no more yelling, kicking, or screaming. She allowed Them to take over and a peace that surpassed all understanding fell over her instantly. The following day she woke up the next morning, went to the bank, opened up her first business account and AW became official on January 10, 2018.

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