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4th Birthday

Updated: Jan 9

Our Birthday Gift To You Is Free Content!

We are 4 years old and in honor of this celebration, AW has a gift for you. That's right. Not for us, but for you. It use to be that people had to join our website and become members and purchase a VIP membership to see the art galleries and get access to content before anyone else in the world. As of this year in 2022, AW has officially decided until we are led by Yahweh's spirit to do otherwise, to give access to the art galleries for free here on our website. But wait, it gets better. Now all the eBooks and lore books will be free. Every single one. This is our way of giving back, even though we are not supported or well known, we do not want our communities to feel like they must pay money to receive Christian content. We want to give generously and without strings attached. Christ died for us, shed his blood for us for free. The way we it, why should we charge sinners or other Christians to view or read Godly entertainment?

Do not misunderstand. If you are a person who supports Christian organizations or are a Christian organization and you are reading this, please know we are not bashing you for having others support you with their money. Please know we are not criticizing you for charging others for memberships or to purchase your content. That is not wrong to do, you must survive and pay bills and as long as your heart is in the right place and you are doing those things with a clean motive and for the sake of spreading the Gospel, by all means, do it. Go for it and do it with pride. However, AW and Artzenin are not being led by Ruwah to do as you all do. We are being led to open our doors and to make all of our content available to people who have money and don't have money.

We want everyone, worldwide to know we sincerely are interested in seeing them get saved and develop a real, healthy relationship with the Elohim and do not want to charge someone during their journey to Christ. It does not bold well in our spirits and we prefer people to think of us as a gatekeeper that simply does not require an entry fee. Anyone, no matter what their faith or religion, should be able to come and go as they please on this website and come and go as they please when they consider reading one of Artzenin's novels. We want to express true ahavah (Godly divine love) and want you to celebrate our birthday with this amazing life time offer.


Blog post written by AW

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