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Program: Kódikas Eptá

Program Info

Course 1: Proélefsi


A fundamental course designed to teach the truth behind how Elohim formed, the truth behind spiritual realm matters, the Watcher Incident and the proper gender association of Elohim.  

Course 2: Bible Theology 101 

A concentrated course designed to teach the foundations of the Book, the Torah and the prophecy of the Messiah. This course will also provide healthy routines that will help seekers build discipline routines, teach spiritual warfare and how to deal properly and healthily rebuke devils or in extreme cases, how to help people who are demon possessed.

Course 3: Apologetics


A course designed to help seekers defend the truth of the Book.

Graduation Requirements


Seekers should put in the time and effort to complete this program. Directors grade you based on what you studied in each course. In order to graduate (without or without honors) and receive your UA Certificate, seekers must:

  • Read every assigned book in each course.

  • Watch all lesson videos in each course.

  • Read every Devotional Plans in each course.

  • Make sure to read, watch or listen to audio books that have the (*) symbol to them.

  • Write (1) Essay

  • Pass (3) exams and (1) Final Exam.

  • Successfully develop better reading and prayer discipline by following the outline in the syllabus and actively making the choice to practice the Fruits Of The Spirit while you are enrolled with us. Do not forsake this step. On your final exam, you will be asked if you completed this task and must answer honestly. Failure to answer to this question will hurt your score.


To graduate with honors and have a honors class ring, seeker must complete the Extra Credit assignments.

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