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Here you can read our featured news articles and review events/up coming events for the program. We are still a fresh start up university and doing our best to deliver high quality content for you to read. Check back here every now and then to see what is happening.

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Challenge Yourself:
Earn A Bible Certificate  


Graduate Early With Proélefsi (Origin)


Proélefsi is a course that has (3) specific books of the Bible that will count as an extra credit towards a seeker's Bible Certificate. Each book focuses on Yahweh's origin, the roles the Godhead/Trinity have to each other and their true genders as Yahweh assigned them and the foreshadowing prophecy of Yeshua Christ as first told by Enoch the archivist. By completing Proélefsi, seeker does not have to complete Stage 3: Expert assignments or exams and can graduate from UA early. If seeker chooses to not do Proélefsi, he/she must complete the S2 and S3 stages to graduate. Please be aware that this program must be completed before a seeker takes their S2 exams. If seekers complete their S2 exams prior to completing Proélefsi's S1 exams, seeker will not receive full credit for the program.


Internationally Diverse Community


People all around the world gather here. Diversity is a core value of UA because the body is made up of different members, but Christ is the head of the body and the body is one unit. Want to impress your Director and the Head Minister and graduate with Honors? Earn the Unity badge and show everyone you're not just about making a good impression, but you're about making memories with your peers.


Interview Session With Lecrae Moore


We are trying to book an interview with Lecrae Moore, someone we feel will be a good influence and inspiration for the seekers. Once we get booked with him, the video of the interview will be posted here.


Unaligned Academy® Is One Of Few Institutions That Teaches The Whole Bible


UA takes pride in knowing we openly and happily promote the entire Word of Yahweh. It is legit and not "non-canon". The books were removed by people--not God. There is a difference. We know which books are canon and which ones are fake and we hope our students will enjoy having a source to study that gives them the whole truth.


Tribe Wars


To receive the Warrior Chief badge, seekers must compete in 10 Tribe Wars and their tribe must win the war. Seeker should strive to learn and challenge each other's skill in the Bible. Should they disagree with each other about what they learn about Bible, they can settle their differences against their tribemates on the battlefield for fun.

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