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Unaligned Academy® (UA) is a legal Christian academy, but it is not designed to give seekers legal credits to be used in the world at other schools. UA is a hall of knowledge that contains the Book (Bible) and its canon books and letters people of the past removed for invalid and unjustified reasons. UA is a safe haven for Christians any anyone else who desires to learn about Elohim (Yahweh/Ruach Ha-Kadesh/Yeshua Christ), grow in their faith, strengthen their relationship with Elohim in peace without the worry of anyone pushing or forcing personal beliefs, views and theological opinions of the Book onto them as they study for themselves. Explore the Book as you've always known it, but with the origin of Hebrew and the other books Yahweh ordained and intended for us to have. The book of Jubilees tells us Yahweh instructed humans to write 266 books, but sadly our academy could only find so many reserved and legible for use. We pride ourselves for upholding Yahweh's instructions and His truth over people and their preferences when it comes to Book and teach His truth to our seekers and nothing else. UA desires to help people grow in their walk with the Lord and teach the truth of Hebrew and some Greek to better help them understand the Book a little better. ​If a seeker decides UA is not for them, and they depart from the academy, that's fine. We trust that Yahweh will witness to that seeker through another person or ministry and meet their needs elsewhere.

UA and its purpose in this world did not come about easily or on whim. Our Founder, Rachel Renee Wilson, was called to start an online church/school instead of a church that is offline. At first Minster Wilson ran from this calling because she did not believe anyone would be open to the other books society has been groomed to believe is demonic and not of God or inspired of Ruach Ha-Kadesh. Three years she prayed, fasted and sought clarification. For three years she tested Yahweh's instructions to build an online church/school and to support the Lost Books, also known as the Apokryptein (Apocrypha) which means, “To hide away.”. Growing up, Minster Wilson was taught that not read the Lost Books because in Biblical literature, these works are outside of accepted canon of scripture. The history of the term's usage indicates that it referred to a body of esoteric writings that were at first prized, later tolerated and finally excluded. Minster Wilson invested these claims and found they were of people who disagreed, added and subtracted to Yahweh's Book, who   clearly told mortals not to do that. There are several books, (e.g. Enoch) that tell people to not do this and furthermore, the legit canon Lost Books refer to other people in the 66 and fall directly in line with the coming of Christ. Some of those books foretell of writers like Daniel, and John and events that only New Testament believers would know, yet those books and the writers of those books were in the Old Testament and were thrown out. 


Once Minster Wilson was certain she was hearing Yahweh's voice and He wanted her to accept the true canon of His excluded books she made it official and gave a name to the church, which was to serve as an academy, a place of knowledge. The name Yahweh gave her was personal and original. Minister Wilson doesn’t want the ministry he entrusted to us to be associated to denominations. Denominations are nice to have, but they’re not Biblical or required. They are an act of mortals and often come about because of division or disagreement of the theology of scripture. No where in the Book does Yahweh tells mortals to build denominations in His name nor did He make it a divine commandment to follow. This is the main reason Yahweh wanted that name, as it is an exotic name that doesn’t identify to known groups or their beliefs.

To be unaligned means to not line up with or agree with or conform, so the academy was named “Unaligned” to show it does not align with people, opinions/beliefs of people or human-made organized "religions". Religion is not endorsed by Yahweh, yet His true church is seen as a religious and Yahweh didn't want this academy to be associated to false "religions" that sadly many believe is Christian based on. Yahweh is real and desires a real relationship with His creation. Yahweh and Minster Wilson want seekers to align their spirit with His Ruach (Spirit) and become unaligned with the world and secular/demonic mainstream influences in the church.

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Mission Statement

"We pledge to provide accurate, factual canon books of the Book to our seekers while they study here. We will always expose the false "books" and reject false doctrines of people and human-made religions from our program, Kódikas Eptá. We will never force our views/opinions/beliefs of the 266 onto a seeker nor shall we berate or discriminate against seekers who do not agree with the 266. Ever seeker is allowed to make their own conclusion of what they learn and will never be judged for their acceptance or rejection of the whole Book. UA exists to provide to provide truth and shall never attempt to convert seekers or outsiders to our way of life or thinking in the name of our passion to spread awareness of the truth concerning the 266 books."

Core Values

  • Living in the world, but not of the world. People of action.  (James 2: 14-26) ​

  • Striving for holiness and integrity.  (Proverbs 11: 3,  Hebrews 12: 14)

  • Humility. (1 Peter 5: 6-7)

  • Seekers of accurate knowledge, moral excellence and origin truth. (Matthew 5: 19, 2 Peter 1: 5)

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