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Unaligned Academy (UA) is a place of new discovery, and where origin truth matters. Explore the origin Hebrew and Greek texts, and all the legit cannon books + letters that the early church removed from Yahweh's book.

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There is no fee to enroll here. People simply apply online by creating an account with AW and then they are able to enter the Forum where the online school, Biblical content and is hosted. 

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Our Doctrine

UA does not condone sin or sinful lifestyles because the true origin Bible does not condone it. The world legalizes sinful lifestyles, but such behavior and thinking is not legal by Yahweh's holy laws. We will never reject a student that adheres to their beliefs on these matters, but if they enroll at UA we will only promote Yah's holiness. 

For the Parents

For people under the age of (18) we want parents/legal guardians to know that your child is not allowed to sign up for a account and be a Seeker of our community unless they are (18) or older. The reason for this is due to the content we post and the messages and graphic details of the Bible are designed for mature mind sets. 

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