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Updated: Sep 29, 2023

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

Hello there!

Welcome to Anointed Works (AW) and Unaligned Academy (UA) blog community. We encourage our members and our visitors to read the blogs to learn more about President Wilson's organizations, our goals, ministries and our overall purpose for doing what we have set out to do for each organization. This blog community is more than just a progress log of on-going events. It is a Christian moral centered blog community that strives to unite people all around the world, even if those people do not agree with Christianity or serve Christ.

We pride ourselves for creating a common ground where people can learn about our Christian faith as well as what we do with the business without feeling like they are being judged or treated badly simply because they have different perspectives and opinions that differ from ours. We accept people for who they are, but this does not mean our blog community is accepting of sin or sinful lifestyles that the Bible clearly says is not acceptable or holy. AW and UA can still support people without supporting their sin or worldly ideologies and still keep their biblical morals without violating scripture. Meaning, the posts you engage with will mention the Bible, the Godhead and holiness at times, but the blog content is never written in a way to target others. We are a public business that is bound by federal laws of our state and would never to do something that would bring on legal consequences that would shame our name.


Our Backstory

Anointed Works (AW) is a Christian non-profit organization who is the co-author to President Wilson's novel series, Search For The Griffin. The organization’s name came about in 2018 when President Wilson asked Yahweh what He wanted the online ministry to be called. Yahweh spoke to President Wilson and He told her to call the online ministry Anointed Works and instructed her to do what she was already doing professionally. Create Christian anime and novels for Christians to enjoy and to help lead others to Christ. In 2020, Yahweh spoke to President Wilson again and this time, He instructed her to make two more non-profits. A publishing house and an online university that taught the origin texts of Hebrew and Greek as well as the 13 books and other letters that was wrongly removed from His Bible.

What We Do

President Wilson has designated her non-profit organizations to do specific tasks that help her reach her personal milestones and professional goals for all the organizations.

The primary objective of the AW organization is writing Christian allegories with President Wilson. The primary objective of UA is to teach people about Christ, the entire Bible and apologetics. fundamentals of the Bible.

The primary objective of Unaligned Academy is to teach the whole truth of the Book to seekers.

What You Can Expect From Us

As long as you are a member of our blog community or, if you prefer to remain a visitor, know that you will be reading mainly the business side of AW and UA only. We will create informative, engaging and helpful tip content for our readers. You can also expect book updates and launch dates as the novels are completed. If you have a topic you'd like us to write about, drop a comment below and let us know what's on your mind. We love hearing from others and receiving feedback that will enhance our content.


Blog post written by AW

Copyright © 2022 Anointed Works

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