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What Just Happened?!

Updated: Jul 7, 2023

No Seriously, What Just Happened?

Where to start? How to start? How do even being to express 15 years of labor, blood and sweat is just... gone? The shock is real, the anger is justified and Meta crossed a line. On Sunday May 21st 2023 at 1:30 AM in the morning, President Wilso was engaged with Ced, who is now a Creator at AW. What they spoke about we cannot reveal, as it was a private, personal converation between the two of them, but what we can say is President Wilson felt led to invite him to join the showcase. She loved Ced's sound, the way it made her feel and the music he made in general. She was passionate about wanting to sponsor him and share his talent on our platforms. At first, she thought Ced wouldn't agree and feared he saw her trying to use him for clout or to make money off him. All of which was not the case and thankfully, Ced didn't think this and happily agreed to be sponsored.

Directly after their chat, President Wilson was going to Facebook and to the AW Page to add Ced to the showcase, but something unexpected happened, right in front her eyes. In real time she saw the AW Facebook Page disappear and all content was deleted. Confused, she decided to make a new AW Page, but come to find out, it was demoted instantly to what is known as "Classics Pages". That isn't a good thing, Meta pushed us to the bottom of the barrel, no one was going to see our content and only Facebook could promote the Classic Page to New Page Experience. Next thing Preisdent noticed was was her Author Page. It was there, then it was gone and. Following AE's Page, UA Page's and finally her personal account. In the morning around 8:30 AM she eventually received a email, stating that her account had been disabled for breaking Community Guidelines. Did not state which rules were broken, did not explain the ban, just a brief automated statement that listed the following:

  • Spam

  • Promotion

  • Self-Promotion

Outraged, President Wilson messaged their support team, sent emails to,, but received no response and to this day has not gotten any response. She Googled her situation and read articles on Reddit and was shocked to find Meta has been doing this for quite some time. Many users, both famous and non-famous had done nothing wrong and did not break Facebook's Community Guidelines and Meta still disabled their accounts. Theo Wayt who writes for the New York Post wrote an article on April 1st in 2022 about this very issue. It was confirmed Facebook's system were banning users and people barring them from being able to appeal. Well, the same thing has happened to us and President Wilson's personal Facebook account and we have been told the decision will not be changed. This is wrong and Meta need to reassess the situation immediately.

So, What Exactly Brought This On?

We have our personal theories as to what happened. Before the ban, we were receiving spam from fake Meta support accounts saying AW's Page was breaking Community Guidelines. Then, when we went to like out own posts (since no one else would), we were blocked and a lightbox appeared, saying our ability to like was disabled and if it was a mistake, we could disagree with the decision. So, we did and then liking becoming less frequent because Facebook kept saying we "spamming" like a bot. Keep in mind that the status that shows strikes and restrictions was green. All the Pages as well as President Wilson's personal account were clear and the message on those Pages said there were no violations or restrictions. In fact, when the Pages were disabled, the status was still green.

Make that one make sense. Also, President Wilson filed a claim against Mark. Why? Because the Facebook Legal Team contacted users, explaining there was a violation of privacy and Facebook owned users' money as a result. President Wilson filed the claim one week before the ban and right after the ban happened, she received a notice, saying if she didn't fix some kind of issue in her claim and log into the account connected to the email and number on file, she would lose her rights to sue now, in the future and could never go after Mark legally for anything concerning Meta, Facebook and Instagram.

So you mean to us, that our leader filed a lawsuit claim against Mark, her account was fine, our Pages were fine then just so happened to be shadow banned a week later? She was... literally... reported under false accusations and had no strikes against her. Just a claim that she was entitled to. Um. Really? Even if this theory is wrong, the timing and the appearance of the situation doesn't help Meta at all. This was deliberate and furthermore, we believe whoever reported President Wilson and our Pages was mad we are Christians and did things for free for our Creators. That said, perhaps that was what Meta was angry about and saw as "self-promotion". We cannot afford to run ads and as long as we've been there this was never a problem. Ever. Our content was original and reflected to us, the website and our Creators. Our content was written professionally and with respect. AE's Page was too, nothing stated there was wrong or evil, but perhaps people who support sin and sinful lifestyles felt otherwise? And maybe whoever reported us, had it in for AW and President Wilson simply because we honor holiness, natural order and the Elohim?

One thing is for sure, we cannot use secular platforms and must relocate strictly to our website and platforms that are not bias and so "Woke" and liberal, that the very presence of a Christian makes them melt and offended. Meta and the person who reported us made something out of nothing and got their wish. Yahweh will deal with them and should these people not repent and die in their sin... well... it will be interesting to see if such souls can ban and shadow ban Hell for being mean and too hot.


Blog post written by AW

Copyright © 2023 Anointed Works

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