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ATT: We're Going To Sleep For A While

Updated: Feb 8

AW has been working hard since its birth. Non-stop as a matter fact. We still have no sponsorship, no financial aid from others or groups, no partnerships and as of late, no active workers due to personal matters outside of the office. Life happens though and rather than complain about what has befallen AW, we prayed and asked Yahweh what He wanted us to do. The Lord led us to a bed and told us to lay down and rest. Best answer ever. Do not worry though, we are still working, just not in the same way when we started out.

This pause in production saddens President Wilson, but at the same time it excites her. She came to terms that she lost to the marketing mix, to her competitors and didn't get a fair chance to show the world what she had to offer and that's okay. She has Hashem and devoted staff backing her in prayer and that is a great comfort to her. A fresh perspective and strategy will be needed, but that cannot come to AW when we're wore out and breached our limits.

Whatever will come from this sleep, President Wilson is fine with it and will continue to find more ways to optimize the website, artwork, projects and improve our work ethic for the future. If you have been following us or just now hearing about us and want to learn more, don't worry. We're coming back and will have refined content for you when our sleep is over. Until then, take care, continue to pray for us and our people so we can keep fighting the good fight.


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Lacy Webb
Lacy Webb
Feb 08

 everything needs a season of wintering

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