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Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Non-Discrimination Disclaimer: Treating your peers and fellow tribemates equally and with respect isn't just common sense--it's mandatory law at our institution. If you cannot abide by our Community Guidelines, UA isn't for you. We have five rules we swear by and will uphold 24/7. UA is a safe space for all people, not just Christians. We may not condone certain sins or lifestyles, but that doesn't mean we're bullies or want to hurt others who believe differently from us.

Shalom and peace be with you, seeker. We are excited you have decided to go deeper in your walk with the Lord. At UA, we take your privacy and spiritual safety seriously. Everyone who is 18+ years or older is allowed to enroll and create accounts on the website. Minors are forbidden to enroll and have accounts for legal reasons. Please read our Enrollment Policy to learn why we must enforce this boundary for minors.

Enrollment Policy
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UA does and shall never turn away seekers based on their backgrounds, beliefs of Christianity and the Book (Bible) or lifestyles. Depending on where you live in the world, how you were raised and what you were groomed to believe about Christ and Christians, UA expects clashes to some extent. We kindly ask that when you approach our academy, the criteria and your peers (should you decide to engage with tribemates), to remember five important rules while enrolled at UA.


Rule 1: This is Hebrew origin institution and will only teach and endorse true foundation rooted in the Book as Yahweh intended it to be. This means we will include all 266 books, not just the 66.

Rule 2: We do not endorse flawed translations or translations that approve of sin or sinful lifestyles, thinking, mindsets, etc. This is a real, authentic Christian organization and will uphold Yahweh-Jehovah's divine laws at all times. We do not discriminate, but we will not bend on our principles simply because people find Yahweh's law system offensive. Do not enroll at UA if you cannot accept that His holiness will be taught and openly discussed in the classroom and in the criteria you will read, listen to and watch.

Rule 3: We are all human beings with feelings, emotions and should be valued and respected even if we have different outlooks about life or certain sensitive topics.

Rule 4: As a seeker, you are here to learn, to self-study and work on you. You are not here to fight people, work on people, judge people or convert your peers to your thinking, views, opinions, beliefs, etc. You are here because you want to investigate our ministry, learn more about Elohim, Their holiness and see if the whole truth is for you or not for you.

Rule 5: UA is safe a peaceful, non-bias ground for anyone all over the world. Whatever you value and believe is yours to have and share with your peers. We expect seekers to be adults and reason with each other. Freedom of speech exists at UA, we want seekers to know this. However, if what you believe and want to express harms someone's personal boundaries and overwhelms them to the point of having a break down or becoming so upset they want to fight you, that's enough and you need to stop before a Director or the Headmaster gets involved. Keep your conversations simple and respectful. Listen to each other, see why your tribemate feels so strongly about something, even if you disagree with them, just listen and acknowledge that he/she has those feelings and those views and leave it at that.


These rules are adapted from the syllabus and we fully expect seekers to read the syllabus and become familiar with our classroom guidelines. At no point will seekers be forced to accept what we teach, but if a seeker wants a Bible Certificate, they must complete the program and pass their exams. Prior to completing the program, they will receive a digital and physical UA Certificate, class ring, necklace and merch that we supply for free as long as we have the donations to do so. If we don't have the donations to supply graduates their class ring, necklace and merch, the graduate will have to purchase them for themselves. We don't want that to happen, so our team is working hard to fundraise the money so everyone can receive their rewards for free.

Thank you for enrolling at our academy, thank you for being bold enough and daring enough to branch out and mature in your faith if you are already a Christian. If you are a skeptic or someone of another nation investigating UA just to see what we do here and what we offer, we still thank you for enrolling and hope you have a memorable experience, even if you do not finish the program and decide UA isn't for you.


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Copyright © 2021 Unaligned Academy®

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