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UA Progress Report #2

Updated: Jan 9

Three women sitting on a grey couch, drinking coffee and offering emotional support to their friend.
Friends comforting a fellow friend.

Since Progress Report #1, everyone did some deep reflecting and soul searching. As a team, everyone wanted 2023 to be the year for UA's grand opening and everyone agreed, that if something wasn't done soon, this online ministry was going to plummet to ground zero. Sure enough, it did. We got out of that place last year only to return to it this year. What was the issue? What were we doing wrong and why won't thing just be better?

We, the Board Of Trustees, were not in sync with one another. We weren't communicating at all. When we first started the ministry, we went from talking a lot, to talking to occasionally to finally, not talking at all. This bad habit became normal for us and before we knew what was happening, we became distant in the workplace and stopped keeping each other accountable.

"Why bother texting or calling the others?"

Chancellor Wilson thought.

"It's not like they're going to be able to do anything I want anyway. They can't do what I do and they're never around. I'll just do it myself."

And that's exactly what she did. She took on every department and the duties of the other Trustees and didn't bother informing them. She was upset with them and rightfully so, because she as always having to remind everyone, call everyone, organize events, check in and make the first move with everything. It was to be expected, but it wasn't Yahweh's way and far from what He expected. What Yahweh needed all of us to do, was make time for each other no matter what was going on. He understands that we get sick, have bad days and other responsibilities outside of UA, but that's not a justified excuse to abandon each other, now is it?

Money wasn't the problem. We don't get paid and work for free and are a faith driven ministry, so money was never the issue and no one could use the typical,

"I don't get paid enough for this!"

punchline because that doesn't apply to the team. Eventually, Chancellor Wilson and the Director Barnett had a come to Yeshua meeting and discussed what was going on. They were good as friends and their friendship was solid, but when it came to operating as one unit as business partners, that was different. Neither woman wanted to have that talk, but they're glad they did. In the end, they were open, transparent and honest about their feelings.

Two young women sitting on a couch, looking down.
Two friends at odds, unhappy and trying to work things out.

Chancellor Wilson felt rejected, alone and somewhat betrayed by the team because we were never around when she needed us to be or able to come to meetings when she issued them. Director Barnett didn't realize Chancellor Wilson felt this way and bluntly told her friend that she needed to be more direct about how she feels about everything, including their friendship outside of UA. Otherwise, how is she and Miss Taylor supposed to know what Chancellor Wilson is thinking or what she wants from the team?

The therapy session talks between went on for a couple of weeks on and off. Eventually with Elohim's help, Chancellor Wilson realized why progress was stunted, slow and they weren't making progress on the academy. It was due to how she had treated her fellow sisters in Christ and her lack of patience at times. Patience is key when you do anything, but when you're in a position of leadership and have workers who cannot fulfill their duties fully due to their situations, that's where the Fruits Of The Spirit come in and are needed, but Chancellor Wilson failed to do that for us and even though we never thought anything ill of our leader, we never thought to reach out and ask her if she was okay. We never thought to ask her if she was all right with how progress was going. No one bothered to text and call on whim or just because we were excited about the ministry.

Two blonde women dressed in white clothes.
A emotional young woman, crying and being comforted by her best friend.

All she saw from us was silence, lack of participation and more distance, so it's understandable why she felt the way she did and reacted how she did, but deep down, no one on the team was against the ministry. We loved it and had hopes for it and cared about it deeply, but our inability to communicate those feelings or be active is what made Head Minister Wilson think we wanted nothing to do with our calling or with her, which was the furthest thing from the truth. After Head Minister Wilson and Headmaster Barnett finished their talks, they apologized to each other and forgave each other for what happened and decided to hold each other to accountability, to avoid such incidents in the future. Shortly after they made up, they called Director Taylor, informed her of what happened, their spiritual talks and what Hashem brought to their attention. They asked Director Taylor for forgiveness and apologized to her as well.

Now That's Real Progress

Women talking at a team meeting in fancy clothes.
Teammates connecting and expressing their gratitude to each other.

Did reuniting as a team solve our money issues? No. Did fixing our broken communication help us as a Board? Yes. Did agreeing to be understanding of each other's situations and more patient with each other bring drastic traffic to the site? No. Did restoring trust between the three of us motivate people to become seekers? No. Did our team harmonize and stay connected, despite having so much distance between us physically? Yes, 100%. Progress for UA is good, the doors will open this year and that's awesome, but Yahweh was more interested in our team being restored and us being at peace with each other over the success of the academy. That's worth noting because a divided house cannot stand, it will fall. We made such god progress as a team for two solid years, then we had fallen back into the pit we fought so hard to get out of and the Lord allowed us to stay in that pit until we womaned up, faced each other and confessed our true feelings.

They say secrets destroy relationships and they do, but being silent and refusing to use good communication skills is also a deadly poison that subtly was killing our team and the ministry. I know as a team, we will have ups and down, but what happened between us this year in 2023 will not happen again. We are too determined and too stubborn to see UA fail. We're also very determined to preserve the strong bonds we have formed over the years as friends, as well as sisters in Christ. Elohim had to humble us once and made us feel things we didn't want to feel. Everyone agrees that it will be a lot smoother if we are upfront about how we feel verses keeping everything inside, not confessing how we feel and getting a scolding from Elohim.


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