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UA's Grand Opening Ceremony

Updated: Jan 9

Today is a wonderful, glorious day for the UA team! Today on Monday, September 25th, 2023 at 1:30 AM, Chancellor Wilson clicked the [Publish] button in the Wix Editor, making all the changes for the UA website official and live. This would not have been possible without everyone's contribution emotionally, physically, financially and spiritually. Chancellor Wilson stressed over the academy for years. We all did and in our own ways, wondered what would happen if we couldn't finish. Well, we did finish and we did it together as a team and that's what we are so happy about.

It's nice to see everything come together, but seeing our team restored and exercising good, healthy communication is the best reward we could ask for at this point. The final product of the UA website is wonderful and very impressive to look at. At least, we think it is. Considering that it went through five different layout designs and each design took months/years to perfect, the current layout design is decent. In 2020, Minister Wilson didn't know what she wanted the UA website to reflect or who to appeal to. Young? Elderly? Both? In the end, she did what she felt was best and went with a professional design, neither appealing to young or elderly audiences. Just by visiting the landing page, anyone can see what UA is passionate about and who we are as Christians and that's good. Transparency is important to us.

People need to know what they're getting into, so the landing page will be perfect for anyone curious to investigate UA. No one here wants to false advertise or comprise our message just because some people don't agree or like Christianity. UA is proud to open the doors to the public and we're hopefully we will have seekers sign up and start their spiritual journey, but what we really need is a benefactor. One or two that will consistently donate to our ministry long term and support us for all the right reasons.

Why The Need For A Benefactor?

Benefactors are key for our seeker's benefit, never for us as the faculty or the organization in general. We don't need benefactors to pay us or support our needs. However, if UA can get enough a benefactor a small number of benefactors that pledge to give donations every month, our tithe fund would build over time. That money would never go into our bank accounts. The money we receive from our benefactors would be used to aid those less fortunate in our community and people who need help right away, such as people who need b aby supplies, people who are disaster victims and families who need school supplies for their children. The primary use of a benefactors' money will always go towards a seeker's class ring, class necklace, class t-shirt, tribe shirt, hat and hoodie. This seems fair to do for the seekers.

The program is free, but their rewards should also be free. We could make seekers pay for their stuff and unless we get a benefactor, they will have to pay for their rewards--but we don't want that for our seekers. What we are asking of seekers to do when they study here is not for the lighthearted and will be hard. They must form discipline, be patient with themselves as they go through trial and error and do their best to master each course of the program. Also, how nice would it be to study somewhere and get epic reward for free? No one does that. No one wants do that because it will cost time and money and since this world is petty, proud and greedy for money, UA will not repeat what others do when it comes down to this.

If wanting to bless our seekers or give to the needy over robbing you of your money and scamming you of millions, I'm sorry. We don't know what to tell you. We're not scammers and we don't need your money to enhance our personal livelihood. Us isn't begging for anyone's money so we can rich and blow it on ourselves, we're asking for people who believe in our mission, vison and want to bless others and make their day. These young adults, adults and possibly elders who enroll here will go through a lot to get these rewards. If they approach the program, do it properly and don't take short cuts, they'll be enrolled at UA for year or more, maybe less if they can find time to dedicate to their assignments per course and there's three courses. Not to mention each course gets progressively more challenging and harder to grasp if you're not use to themes like Apologetics. If UA had the money and the means to produce that much money on our own we'd do it, but sadly we don't have that kind of money. Despite the odds being against the seekers we shepherd and hope to make lasting bonds with, deserve those rewards and every dollar to penny spent on the seekers is worth the investment.


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