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Progress Report #3 (Missing!)

Updated: Jan 9

Yeah, about that...

To anyone reading this, we're sorry. We're just as confused as you are. We didn't forget to write this Progress Report. We were pumped for it and has a lot to discuss concerning changes for UA, seeker benefits, Tribe Wars, we were going to talk about it all. Sadly we just realized the post intended for the report was not backed up the year our team caught this awkward mistake.

So, this is what we think happened. We had the post written, but forgot to save Word document. If it wasn't the Word document then we forgot to save a draft edition of the Progress Report. How would this come about? If we had to guess, it was our busy schedules, team members away on holiday or sick leave. Rather than try to recall all the details and events of 2023 and the projects Zion Studio was working o, we're just going to leave this here and see you all in the next Progress Report.

Kind regards,

UA Team


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