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Paintjob & Upgrades

Updated: Sep 28

After three long, painful years of not knowing what was going to happen to us, UA finally got out of the pit and back onto the battlefield. For the longest time, we were struggling to find our purpose and how to properly go about advertising our program, Kódikas Eptá, our courses, the mission statement, raising awareness for our cause, figuring out how to get funding for everything and every project we had going on at the time--you get it. It was a lot to deal with it and sadly, what we thought was going to happen in our favor went the other way.

We could argue that it was the enemy that got in our way, but Minster Wilson and Headmaster Rebecca were shown by Yahweh it was not solely the enemy hindering UA's growth. It was the lack in understanding how UA was to be presented to the world. After much prayer and fasting, Yahweh showed the entire Board Of Trustees where things went wrong and how to fix the problems that UA encountered for two years. Originally, Minster Wilson thought UA had to have a huge staff of certified teachers, Christian theologians and scholars and a huge trust fund to get things rolling. She also thought Yahweh wanted UA to operate like other online institutions that could offer credits, online store stocked with merchandise and thought seekers would enroll quickly and be eager for origin teaching.

This was not so and the harsh reality of failure and rejection hit faculty hard. It wasn't a good time for anyone, but in the end, Minster Wilson and Headmaster Rebecca understood they went about UA's presentation and overall purpose all wrong. Where they were trying to operate a traditional online academy, Yahweh wanted UA to be a hall of knowledge, a digital collection of information that contained His Book, the lost books (the legit canon ones, not the ones groups made and are not Holy Spirit inspired) that hyperlinked other creditable sources that endorsed what we teach at UA. After this change was implemented, Minster Wilson had no choice but to destroy the current website layout, get rid of the classroom criteria and have to do it all over.

It is a lengthy, tiring process, but Minster Wilson is determined to deliver a creative, engaging website for UA, polices and classroom criteria that is more transparent to the public about who we are, what we do and what we teach through our program. The seeker system has been reconstructed as well. The changes and fresh website layout has finally arrived and we are looking forward to the new changes. We hope our new approach will be more favorable this time around and the seekers and anyone watching us will see the hard work and dedication it's taking to make this ministry effective. As it stands, UA will re-open its doors in 4 months or less.

Still Broke & Still Praying For Aid

The only people funding UA is Minster Wilson, who doesn't have the means to even support herself, much less a ministry and Headmaster Rebecca. They manage, but they're struggling to keep things up and rolling. Sadly, as much as we don't want to keep asking, we are going to have to. It is not a sin to ask for aid and it is sad to know many Christians and churches we have asked deny us and act as if our ministry doesn't matter or deserve their money. Apart from that, we're still researching fundraiser platforms that take out taxes from donations and are credible so donors can see where their money is going and is being properly taxed. As of today we have decided to use PayPal as our official fundraiser platform and hope once word gets out, people will support our ministry. Sadly, due to scammers and churches robbing people of their donations, it wouldn't surprise us if people refuse to give and accuse us of being a scam. It will anger us, make us sigh and roll our eyes, but thanks to bad people who make bad choices, UA must be prepared for rejection and two letters that will make a word we really don't want to hear from the public.



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