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Chain Of Command

Updated: Apr 4, 2023


Like all groups who ban together, there is a small ring of people that make up the hierarchy of AW. It is a challenge when you have so many different kinds of minds coming together, all over the world who believe differently and view the bible(s) differently. President Wilson did something to solve this issue and yes, it was an issue simply because everyone had their own "way" about going about things. President Wilson was not going to have that type of separation in the organization and when she presented her suggestions to the CEO Board everyone came together to agree on three major points prior to accepting her proposal.

  • People have a right to their perspective on life, spirituality and their choice of translation of the bible(s).

  • People can walk into a movie theater, watch the same movie and come out with different views, feelings and perceptions of what they just watched.

  • People are going always divide because we live in a fallen, broken system where Lucifer has corrupted everything, even unity among men and women.

President Wilson did not dismiss these factors. She acknowledged and understood it would be an issue for the ministry regardless of how much she screamed for unity.  She countered these factors with the Word of Yahweh. She explained to the CEO Board that they had to operate as one voice, one image, one unit at all times or the public and our staff would not take anything we had to say seriously. She carefully explained that the Godhead's views, facts about who they are, what they stand for and the truth behind their book in its original language was what the organization needed to focus on.

Our personal views, opinions and "feelings" on scripture were completely irrelevant to the truth in the Hebrew and Greek texts. As it is the CEO Board's job to represent a Godly ministry to the public and to the people who work for AW. Therefore, the leaders agreed that perspectives and division was a real problem among Yahweh's people all over the world, but the focus should be seeing people come to the revelation of who and what Jehoshua is and get saved. That is the goal. That is the vision. Yahweh is our authority, our boss and the voice over our arguments and disagreements.

We will clash heads and we will struggle to come to together as individuals off the clock. On the clock, we are one and stand on Yahweh, and keep our personal feelings out of it. President Wilson was not wrong to suggest this approach, it just took the leaders some time to adjust. When there is a problem or disagreement with theology President Wilson uses the origin texts and scripture properly when she has to justify her position at AW. Note we said properly. As in she did not go out of her way to start a dogmatic fight or use the scripture as ammunition against another brother or sister of another group. She simply told her team we are supposed to be a family and needed to act like it.

That we could have our spats and social wars, but not professionally, not in the long run because Yahweh's word is forever settled in heaven. So, what did this mean? It means that a woman can speak, but she must be subject to the law, as should the husband and if she has a question to remain quiet and talk to him privately. Origin texts explains this, but translations state a woman is to be silent and that is "shameful" for her to speak. No, that is not what the original texts state. Furthermore, this is what happens when people of the past get together to decide what should and should not be in the Lord's book. Also, Paul wrote personal letters, not books. Keep that in mind. Paul's letters were being sent to churches and communities who were sometimes in God's will and acting badly and needed to be corrected.

When it comes to how we view the Holy Ghost, this was a serious topic the CEO Board discussed. By definition, Ruwah is a woman, the female part of the Godhead. President Wilson showed the staff where this was revealed, even in the King James edition not just the Book Of Wisdom/Book Of Solomon. Again, that's hard for some leaders to accept, the origin and literal definitions of the words in the original texts are black and white for us to see.

As staff, we're allowed to be upset, can get mad at each other, debate all day, and even glare at our leader for bringing this to our attention all we want. It won't change facts of what origin is. President Wilson isn't trying to prove anything. She simply wants the truth to be expressed in context and the CEO Board agrees that in the novels that are created and when we speak in public that we should come together as one and do exactly that ill regardless of what critics and skeptics will say.

As her staff we admit it's hard to let go of what we've been taught, all we've ever known to study under the Hebrew, and Greek. It's scary to know just how much was not properly translated over, and even more scary when we have to put those feelings that comfort us away, to declare the truth of the origin so boldly in a world that is divided and is going around proclaiming that their way, their translation of the bible, their church is correct, and if you don't accept their terms, you're simply wrong and deceived.

The Hebrew and Greek is not deception. It is the truth, and if our audiences can't set aside their pride, and admit that they were wrong then they're more foolish than we are. At least the CEO Board admits their faults and shortcomings. A person who will not listen to the truth and take time to discern what is being taught is foolish. They should test everything and anything to see if it is of Yahweh. The word "religion", and these other "ways" are no different. If a person claims and believes that what they follow is the truth, then test it! Show the world why it's valid, fair, loving, and holds no record of being wrong.

From what AW has researched, on the topics of religion, we consistently see that religions are man-made, a philosophy of people, a form of control and unloving. Even among the so-called "Christian" rings, we see human-made traditions that are not biblical yet have a biblical undertone that somehow is supposed to justify what the church is doing out of context. AW does not claim "religion". We claim truth, and the truth will set you. If what people say is true, but they're still living as if they're trapped, or enslaved--it's not of Yahweh. It's of Hell, of Lucifer and Lucifer has used "religion" as a means to trap people all over the world.

AW refused to do this, and the CEO Board personally has tested everything themselves to see if it was of God. If AW for example was of President Wilson it would have not stood or lasted, but because it is of Yahweh, it has stood, and proved itself to be true. As AW's staff and the leaders continue to grow, we desire one thing. Truth and nothing, but the truth.


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