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Passion Driven

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Pleasure Before Work

Anointed Works (AW) has another venue that doesn't focus on #business, marketing mix, advertisement and other marketing mix related tasks that serve to promote our business presence in the marketing world. What AW is good at is creating Christian allegories. As the co-author of Rachel Wilson (Artzenin Eklektós)'s novel series, #SearchForTheGriffin, we are working hard with her to bring her fictional world and its characters to life on a daily/yearly basis.

Truthfully, the business side of AW is seen as a thorn. A distraction, uneventful and something the workers and the CEO Board does not care for and could care less for. What we care about is people and their souls. What we care about is seeing President Wilson's novels impacting lives all around the world.

We participate in the marketing mix because it is expected of us from a professional standpoint, but are true goal is to win the attention of our targeted audience. Once we do that, we want to convince them that #Christian entertainment is not boring or a waste of their time. These Christian fantasy novels President Wilson is creating for her readers is unique, different, thrilling and something to make a reader tilt their head in astonishment.

Timing is very important. Timing and finding workers who will help us for free or through freelance contracts. With no finical support or base, we are on our own. It is increasingly difficult to do anything of importance, but our passion drives us. We will not stop until we have made a mark in someone's heart for Christ. If one person walks away saved after all this labor and hardship is said and done, it was worth every second of suffering and every rejection from the world and sadly, even from the church.


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