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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Why Support & Donations Are Not Working

AW has worked hard to raise money for the organization since 2018 when we were founded. Instead of choosing one fundraiser, we tried multiple ones to see which ones were more effective.

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Pay Pal


Offline Fundraising

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Family & Friends

As you can see, AW has tried different approaches for different types of people and sadly, none of it worked. There is a reason why this didn't work, though AW does not agree with the reason nor does President Wilson. Back in 2019, President Wilson met a man, Chris Roelke, on LinkedIn. They had a very interesting discussion about base, financial support, position and targeted audience. Chris made a powerful statement in the middle of their conversation. He told President Wilson there are some people who love Christ, but not anime and some people love anime, but despise Christ. This is a very sound truth and a big problem for us at AW. We need people to care, we need people to believe in what we're doing, but the majority of people who see us are the elderly, not the young people who just so happen to be AW's targeted audience. Youthful people are easier to reach in the genre of our specialty, not the elders, yet Chris flipped that mindset around real fast. He went on to explain capacity, something President Wilson did not consider until he mentioned it.

The young people whom President Wilson was trying to get financial support from could not happen. They have bills, college, college debt, jobs, families and do not have the extra money to spare because their focus is on so many other things that demand their time, attention, and money. President Wilson expected the young people to become her base and she was certain she was targeting the right audience, but alas, many young people are broken and many do not like Christ, as they lump Him in with all the other religions. Christianity is not a religion because Christ Himself was real (not a theory or fake person) and there is historical documentation and artifacts from the Bible to prove this.

Even so, young people see Him like any other religion, so naturally, they do not want to have anything to do with Him or His doctrine. The older people who go to church or at most, know who Christ is, that is where the money is. Chris said that elders have lived their lives, and many have the extra capacity to give unlike the youth. But guess what? The elders do not like anime or even know what it is because that is not what they grew up with or they know what it is and do not care for it. It is not a passion or an interest they have as the young people do who did grow up with it.

A base, which is a large group of people donating to a cause or showing support in some form, was no longer an achievable goal for President Wilson. She once steered towards the young people and thought they would support her passion, but after Chris's talk, President Wilson walked away with a fresh perspective and a new determination. After much thought and talking with the CEO Board, everyone concluded it will always be a struggle to raise money and it will always be a struggle to find base support with the young and the old for two reasons. A, The young like anime, but do not like Christ. B, The old like Christ, but do not like anime. People will not give to what they don't understand, care for or have passion for. This clash is on-going and everyone here at AW is doing their best to come up with a new solution to raise money and have consistent finical support.


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