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Updated: Jul 6, 2022


There has been moments and will always be moments where The Dev Team does not agree with President Wilson and President Wilson does not agree with the Dev Team. The Dev Team and President Wilson must have team meetings regularly, just to keep the novel series on track and balanced. They are always having to go over the Blueprints and the overall message of the Christian allegories used in the novel series.

It is during this process of refining the Dev Team and President Wilson will experience tension, offense, frustration and disagreement. If and when these clashes happen it is rarely helpful for either side to open up with a negative attitude and feedback. An example of this would be:

"President Wilson we feel like you never listen to us."

"President Wilson we feel like you don't pay attention to how we feel about this scene or this character's development."

"President Wilson we feel like you hate everything we critique."

"Devs, I feel like you're not even trying or giving me your best."

"Devs, I feel like you're always against what I have to say."


"President Wilson we feel like you're coming off too aggressive in this scene and like you don't even care about what your readers' feelings half the time."

See the problem? This is not helpful for the Dev Team or for President Wilson. From where AW is standing such remarks will not be well received or get the results they want. So how do they resolve their indifferences if it isn't ideal to start a conversation with, "I feel like you."?

The CEO Board suggested to both sides to express what they want the other party to feel, but with a humble Christ-like attitude and talk about what they want the other party to understand.

"President Wilson, I want you to listen to what we have to say and be open minded and like we can approach you about anything."


"Devs, I want you to step it up and give me everything you got and if all you can provide is a little, then do that. Don't worry if you can't be on my level just do what's within your capabilities."

And this is how the Dev Team and President Wilson sort through their issues. They flip it around, say what they mean and do their best not to accuse someone. Blaming someone always sparks anger or annoyance. We want both parties to avoid that at all costs. But more importantly, we want the Dev Team and President Wilson to be one, a solid unified team that is reflecting the attitude and behavior of a Christian. It requires effort and most importantly, it requires both parties to demonstrate the fruits of the Spirit and that is something everyone at AW should strive to do, no matter how big or little their job is.


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