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Focal Point

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

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Zooming In On The Lost

What is a focal point? What does that mean? It means a few things depending on how you use the term and the purpose for it.

One of the known general definition of this word means: The point at which rays or waves meet after reflection or refraction or the point from which diverging rays or waves appear to proceed.

Or, it can mean: The center of interest or activity. Companies, non-profit organizations, local communities drafting people for a cause of some kind, is a direct example of a focal point.

Oh but wait, there is another definition of focal point for art that means: A focal point is that area of a picture that attracts the eye. The viewer's eye is naturally drawn to areas where light and dark are in stark juxtaposition. Bright colors, fine detail, sharp edges, anomalies, patterns and any arrow-like “pointers” also attract the eye.

Note the photo of colored pencils below. There is a focal point present, something that is standing out and drawing your eye's attention to what is more important over everything else in the photo. You could say all the colored pencils are beautiful and should be admired and you are correct to think that. However, the photographer wanted to emphasize something for the viewer to see. The focal point in the photo is priority over everything else in the photo.

AW and Artzenin are doing this same tactic with Christian anime. Using the metaphor of colored pencils, understand that each colored pencil represents a different ministry in the world. AW wants Christian anime to be the focal point of our ministry because we know anime is affective, entertaining and depending on where a sinner is in their life, anime is their therapy. So why is that? Why is anime so influential and popular with people all over the world? The answer is simple. It is relatable and the characters in those fictional worlds are personal to the viewer and when something is personal, one will cling to it, for better or for worse.

This is why AW chose to create a Christian anime ministry and not create a typical and expected ministry that is already known to sinners. Do not misunderstand what we are saying. Those types of ministries are needed and important and certainly Godly if their founders and workers are truly born again Christians who seek to be a light to their targeted audience. That is awesome and we are happy for our other siblings in Christ who labor in faith alongside of us. AW merely finds it strange that the church will go forth to spread the gospel physically, but not fictitiously.

There are lost people in fantasy too and that means a ministry has to be willing to go where the lost is. We were that ministry and happily do it. AW is very passionate to use Christian anime as a focal point for the sinners to zoom in on and as time goes by, we are very excited to see what Yahweh will do with this ministry. Will we become widely known like our late brother Billy Gram? Will we travel as a team and speak before large crowds like Joyce Meyer? Who knows. All we do know is that our Christian anime will be present and our most powerful tool we will use to attract the attention of our targeted audience.

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