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Deserted, But Still Alive

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Notice Us Senpai!

Sponsorship and business partners are two factors our organization desperately needs, wants and desires. Without either, AW will more than likely remain unnoticed by the public and remain stranded on an island, by ourselves with no one to share our journey with. Our biggest hurdle yet is trying to make a notable presence in the social media marketing world. As much as we don't want to adapt and join the time-consuming lifestyle, AW has to in order to survive. We must learn and keep up with our rivals and the youth of this era if we intend to make a difference, even if that difference is just a small dent. Social media has become a drug humanity is addicted to and honestly, prefers to have in their daily lives. If AW pretends that isn't the reality of the world, we are fooling ourselves. So where do we get a sponsor to help us out? By literally sales pitching the right person or company with our presence. If who we try to impress does not see the skills and understanding of social media marketing, they simply won't take our organization seriously.

Time Management

People use to get up and physically go to their friend's house to socialize. At most, they would call them on the phone. Now, phones and other devices have replaced the need to interact in person with others. If people decide to go out and meet someone, a group of friends or their romantic interest, guess what? There is 9/10 chance they will take out their phones while supposedly socializing at the same time. Is this wrong of them to do? That would depend on what one sees as a waste of time verses what one sees as a productive use of time. To everyone here at AW, we balance such things and know it is unhealthy to be on our phones, and other entertainment devices all the time, especially in a group gathering setting.

Yet the youth and adults (elderly included) like the concept of being enslaved and addicted to social media for whatever their reasons. They also like to be entertained and will seek outlets to pacify boredom, relieve stress, to connect with people all across the world and to peek their own curiosity. This is where our audiences goes so naturally, AW has to do the same thing if we intend to get a sponsor, let alone build a base of fans for our content. AW has to be willing to learn more about social media, how it works and ultimately, figure out what the crowd wants. For the past 4 years AW staff, Zion Studio's Dev Team and Artzenin have made content that would require a person to put in effort. Artzenin's novels are long and the lore novels are a combination of short and long. Both the novels and lore novels have a lot of depth to them and very important key elements that connect readers to other characters in other segments of the Search For The Griffin series. To get an idea as to what we were up against, AW asked 6 people to beta read Milieu: Book 1 as a test and to see if they would last long enough to give us constructive feedback.

Those individuals didn't last 20 minutes before their attention span died and gave up. According to one Beta Reader, he became very zoned out and sleepy by the required details in the novel. We use the term required because the novel he read was the foundation story that would later help him understand certain events and behaviors of certain characters. Unfortunately, he did not like those required details. He literally only made it to page 3 and had to stop. This is the world we live in. This is the sorry state of people in today's generation. Currently all departments are discussing more approaches to see if there is a way to create the message of Christ in the content we make, but also find a way to keep the reader's attention from start to finish.

AW intends to keep in the loop and learn everything we can about social media marketing and new ways to reach our audiences. However, we will not compromise the important details in our works simply because some people do not like to give more than 60 seconds or 3 minutes of their life away. The way we see it, if the world can read the entire Harry Potter series, watch all the movies and then turn around and justify watching 50 Shades Of Gray, they can make time for Christ in Artzenin's novels.


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