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Updated: Jan 28, 2022

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Aren't You Supposed To Forgive And Bless?

There is a huge misinterpretation of "Christian" and "door matt". Just because we love Christ and just because we were asked by Yahweh to show love, mercy, compassion, and forgive those who wrong us, does not mean we let people take advantage of us. In fact, it is a sin to allow people to do such a thing. If there are consequences for Non-Christian jobs for showing up late, violation of a contract, poor work ethic and no excuse for an employee's laziness--why would a Christian business be any different? Guess what? There is no difference. Saved or not a job is a job and when people sign their names on contract papers they are stating they are going to meet the requirements asked of them. It is the reality of the adult world.

Lately, we are seeing more applicants desert AW before their interviews or AW terminating a hired applicant. The reason for this is due to their lack of commitment. Not everyone hired was incompetent. Some workers had personal reasons for not being able to follow through with their duties and AW understood that. No one thought ill of those workers or thought their reasons were wrong. It was the people who gave us attitude, lied to our face, argued about their sinful lifestyles that were contrary to the lifestyles we explained in the Contract For Hire and people who didn't read their contracts but made it appear as if they did. Those individuals hurt us, insulted us and took advantage of the positions they were given.

Unless those workers say otherwise AW has every right to believe they avoided their responsibilities, did not take the organization seriously, were not reading their contracts thoroughly and did not respect Yahweh. Some workers "claimed" they were saved, but their actions revealed their true intentions. Once they realized there was real effort involved with no pay, they found something in their life to use as a scapegoat. An excuse to not keep their interview appointments or arranged meetings with President Wilson. We have modified our policies to better help this vexing situation. If someone wants to work for AW, but can't pass our Pre-Hire Phase they will not be considered for hire.

Pre-Hire Phase? What's That All About?

What this means is we will give a trial run for every applicant or minor tasks of the job position they're interested in. If the applicant does not respond well to this method, are not calling us back prior to us checking in with them periodically during the Pre-Hire Phase, then that individual is not committed. If a person wants to help us and are truly dedicated to AW' they will complete their requirements without hesitation. Sure, situations may come up that prevent them from coming in on time or not being to clock in for their shift. Life happens, we get it.

However, those moments don't last forever. There is a start and an end. If people want us we're here. We never leave, we never change. The workers we've hired in the past have failed and our CEO Board desires to see these issues remedied effectively as possible. Creating the Pre-Hire Phase is AW's way of doing that. All that remains is recruiting sincere. dependable workers who will work for free or be open to freelance work with a contract.

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