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5th Birthday

Updated: May 23

Giving Ourselves To You, Free Of Charge

We are 5 years old and had a terrible season last year. Just. Terrible. Zion Studio failed and was disbanded. The projects were pushed back, some were deleted all together and with Zion Studio disbanded, AW had no one to help the Devs. Then to make matters worse, President Wilson decided AW would no longer be the co-author of Search For The Griffin. AW has been the co-author for SFTG since day one, so for President Wilson to make this change, it was personal for her as much as it as for AW.

Since the blows of 2022 there has been a lot of reflecting, more praying, strategic team meetings and in the end, our biggest frustration of trying to get a sponsor has finally come to a close. Yahweh did something no one saw coming. He revealed to the team that rather then pursue sponsorship for ourself to give that to other creators. This didn't seem ideal at all, but honestly what did anyone have to lose? We're already losing, we're broke, poor, no one in the marketing mix or business crowd seems to notice us or value our presence no matter how much we have paid to get noticed. If this sounds too good to be true, you're not alone in that. AW also thinks it's too good to be true as well.

Picture it. A unpopular non-profit organization that specializes in Christianizing anime with no money to their name whatsoever... has been asked by the Elohim to support people for free. Wait, what? Weren't we already doing something along those lines and it flopped? Anyone reading this recall last year's birthday bash? Our gift back then to you was opening the Galleries (now the AE Gallery) and allowing the eBooks and their lores to be read for free. Big surprise, no one responded to that feature either and no one has come to us and asked about our projects or upcoming projects or created an account and become a member of the website. Since that approach failed the team is rightfully angry and disappointed, but then Yahweh asked us to make something else free.

Are you ready for this? Yahweh revealed to the CEO Board that He wanted us to sponsor others. Now hold on. Sponsorship was the one thing we have been screaming for at the top of our lungs for five years, but the tables have turned and we're going to give what we've wanted so much for ourselves to Christian creators on the Showcase page. We are open to sponsoring non-Christians, but only if they don't go against our Christian fundamentals of The Book and the Sponsorship Policy. Meaning, if a creator’s content is sexually inappropriate, if their content is vulgar, explicit or supports themes The Book doesn't condone, then AW will not compromise our faith and will not sponsor such creators.

President Wilson made a video announcement that details this newest development and we're hoping people respond and seek us out to help them reach their goals.


We Got Your Back

If you are interested in being sponsored, please send us a message here the site, visit our Contact page and send an email or reach out on Twitter, Instagram or send us a message in the live chat with the following details:

  1. Read and agree to the Sponsorship Policy.

  2. State your full name or business name.

  3. Tell us what your profession is and what you are passionate about.

  4. Tell us the social media link(s) or your website address, any contact information you want the public to have access to, such as a personal phone number, business number, email address, business email address. All of this information will be listed on your showcase and will never be shared with anyone or sold to third parities. AW has a Privacy Policy for this sort of thing and we do nothing with user data whatsoever.

  5. Tell us exactly which social media or website link you want listed in the shoutout that will posted and shared on our social media platforms every Friday.

Before we do a shoutout we will send the creator a preview of what we will say. If creators want to edit the content or write their content and then send it to us to copy-and-paste, that is perfectly fine. As your official sponsor, we will follow you on all social media, like all of your posts and re-share them. If we see someone looking for a creator's talent, we will recommend that creator to people and @ them in posts.


Blog post written by AW

Copyright © 2023 Anointed Works

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