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5th Birthday

Updated: Jan 9

Giving Ourselves To You, Free Of Charge

We are 5 years old and had a terrible season last year. The projects Zion Studio had planned to release were pushed back, some were deleted all together and with no staff in the department, the Dev Director had no one to help her complete assignments. President Wilson decided AW would no longer be the co-author of Search For The Griffin. AW has been the co-author for SFTG since our birth, so for President Wilson to implement this change, it took us some time to adjust. Shortly after President Wilson disbanded AW as the co-author, she suggested AW sponsor creators and showcase their works, talents, business, hobby, etc.

Originally were trying to get a sponsor and wanted to be shown off by someone else who was already popular and known in the marketing mix, but Yahweh revealed this route to President Wilson, then she told the team and agreed with our Maker on this subject. To be honest, this didn't make sense to the team in the beginning, but the more everyone prayed and fasted, the more Yahweh laid this change on our hearts. Despite being broke and poor, having no one in the business world notice us or value our presence no matter how much we have paid to get noticed, giving back and supporting others was a breath of fresh air. Picture it. A unpopular company that specializes in Christianizing secular works with no money to their name as of yet, has now been asked by Elohim to support people for free.

We going to support Christian creators, but we are also accepting of sponsoring non-Christians. Saved or not, everyone must adhere to the Sponsorship Policy in order to receive free sponsorship. President Wilson made a video announcement that details this newest development. Our team is hopeful visitors, members, friends and family will support our newest route and creators of both parties will give us a shot and take us up on this free service.


We Got Your Back

If you wish to apply for sponsorship, please follow these simple steps.

  • Read and agree to the Sponsorship Policy and our Privacy Policy that can be found on our Policies page.

  • After you have read the policies, go to the Showcase, fill out the application and submit it.

If you are interested in being sponsored and have questions about this service, please visit our Contact page and email our Help Desk during business hours.


Blog post written by AW

Copyright © 2023 Anointed Works

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