Welcome to Anointed Works, the #1 source for Christian anime content and the official home of Unaligned Academy®. Here you can learn about our online ministries and old and new upcoming projects in Zion Studio.

Image by Jonatan Pie

Who Is AW?

Anointed Works (AW) is the co-author of the novel series, Search For The Griffin and helps the author, Artzenin Eklektos (AE), create impactful, creative Christian anime content for people to read. AW is the founder and parent of Unaligned Academy® (UA). AW and UA exist to help people find Christ. One uses anime culture, literature and art, while the other focuses strictly on the fundamentals of the Bible.

What Readers Say

“I'm a father and strict when it comes to this  "anime" stuff. All the anime I have seen and researched is evil, but AW's anime isn't.  I love that my kids can read about Godly anime and I don't have to worry about them being seduced by demonic teachings.”

Javier Davis

"I am openly liberal and don't care about Christianity whatsoever, but AW's anime novels are not what I expected. I'm strongly reconsidering my position in this thing called "life" and my eternal destination after reading Milieu: Book 2.”

Layla Carter

“Just when I thought all hope was lost, I came across this group and come to find out, they are making Christian anime. This is unheard of. Finally, I can read about and look at anime artwork that isn't demonic or sexually immodest!"

Mateo Lewis

Image by Denys Nevozhai

What We Say

“I like that we're dedicated to making Christian anime content using the whole Bible as opposed to some of the Bible. I look forward to seeing how AW makes our mark in the animation world. There needs to be Christian anime. Period.” 

— AW Staff