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Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Breaking It Down

Some have wondered if AW is a animation studio that is creating the artwork visitors and members see on the site. No. We are not a animation studio. AW did not design or sketch the characters, backgrounds, scenes, etc. that is on the site. Allow us to clarify who is who and the roles that everyone plays in the organization. AW is the co-author of President Wilson's (Artzenin Eklektos) novel series, Search For The Griffin, and the corporate parent of our online university, Unaligned Academy. UA is responsible for teaching our readers about the Christian messages in SFTG and helping others understand the whole Bible in general.

President Wilson is the founder of AW, UA and Zion Studio. She is the author and novelist of her novel series and the illustrator of all the artwork you see on this site in the Galleries, the Head Minister of UA and the president of AW. The digital artist and Dev Team Director is Cee Jinary. Cee Jinary will sometimes contribute digital versions of Artzenin's illustrations, but her primary focus is leading the Dev Team.

Zion Studio is responsible for two things. A, investing their personal time into watching secular TV shows/anime. Prior to the purification process Zion Studio must create in depth and complex Blueprints for new and old characters. B, they discuss how to incorporate the secular themes into the fictional world using the refined and purified content before sending the Blueprints off to President Wilson.

Purifying Secular Content Is Not Easy!

Technically, when we first started out in 2018 AW was originally over SFTG's development and helped President Wilson out with concepts and finding secular themes to purify. However, a few months later in that same year President Wilson refined her idea and gave this duty to Zion Studio and made Zion Studio the official art department for SFTG while AW focused solely on writing with President Wilson.

Compared to what AW is doing Zion Studio works the hardest and they defiantly do not have it easy. It takes a lot of mental focus and spiritual discipline to sit down and watch demonic productions from our rivals. Some secular content Zion Studio cannot save or purify, but the ones that can be salvaged are still quite disturbing with serious emotional and phycological themes that can and will pollute one's mind. The staff of Zion Studio are professionals and know how to safeguard their hearts as well as their minds. They know when to cut off a observation and walk away. Just to clarify Zion Studio does not condone the demonic TV shows/anime productions at all and would never recommend them to people to anyone of any age, saved or not.

Many will criticize Zion Studio and President Wilson for what they are doing and many will probably think they are using a observation as a means to secretly enjoy the secular content they're watching. This is not true in the slightest. The Bible is full of demonic things, but is meant to be used as a lesson and to show the reader what to do and what not to do. If Zion Studio observed the Bible and then made Blueprints for President Wilson to use in her novel series, we would still be slandered for that. Why? Because people don't realize just how deep and disturbing many books and letters in the Bible is. Zion Studio's staff would never jeopardize their faith in Christ or their holiness for a high from watching secular content. The motive is to watch with their eyes and never take pleasure in their hearts from what they see on a screen.


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