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Vanquish Sin, Not People

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

Know Who's Really The Vilnian

When dealing with anyone in the middle of a heated argument, we tend to forget they are people with feelings. People with souls. We see their lifestyles of sin and their behavior and become quickly disgusted. Next thing you know, you look at that person you're having a disagreement with and scream you hate them.

Students never do this. Yahweh understands you will get frustrated with the lost, but he asked us to be His ambassadors and to represent who He is and Yahweh is not a hater of souls. He hates sin and the very nature of it but especially when I you run into people who openly want to only see themselves, stop. Stop talking, agree to disagree and walk away. Pray for them. Don't let your mouth be instrument of destruction. This applies to those who also follow a "religion" and even Christians who claim they have a dogma. You nor the staff of UA convince people of that Christ is not a religion when generations of people have preached that the bible and the Christian faith is just that--religion

James simply said, pure and genuine religion in the eyes of God is not what humans say it is. It is caring for the fatherless, the widows and not allowing the power of the world corrupt you. That is the only place I see we have found the term used in that way and it is not said as a means to promote the the movement of religion, but to express to religious, stiff necked, stubborn people what truly will please God if they must claim they are religious. To often, Christians forget there is a valued soul inside the physical shell and they tend to wrongly judge and wound others their mouths. Students, you ae not here to destroy someone with your knowledge of the gospel. It is not a weapon. It is a correction guide for humanity, something that teaches us moral acceptable behavior in all situations.

If the person you minister to or are actively trying to save is so wounded by your actions, not the truth of the word, but your actions, not only have you done Yahweh a disservice, not only have you brought reproach and shame on His name, you have hurt your witness and planted seeds of confusion instead of seeds of hope.


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