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UA Progress Report #1

Updated: Sep 28

Why The Delay? It's Been Three Years

We know what you're thinking, but we're just as restless and eager to have UA open. In fact, the Head Minster and the Board Of Trustees are sick and tired of meeting over this very issue and the delay of UA's grand opening. There for a minute, we were designing merc and were going to create an online shop to help raise awareness for UA, but due to lack of interest from the church and Christians in general, we couldn't raise money for an online shop. With no money in the tithe fund, we can't do what we originally planned for two reasons. Reason number one, half of our team quit or was fired for poor work ethic. We went from eight workers to three. Reason number two, out of the three only one is able to contribute to UA when it comes to resources, planning and the overall development of the ministry's presence online and offline while the other two see their responsibilities strictly offline.

Oh wait. Hold on. It gets better. Because no one cares or seems to think the ministry we have is worth their time or money, all of what could have been will never happen and what has to be, falls directly to Minster Wilson and the Board Of Trustees. One Trustee (Headmaster) works in the medical field. She is the only one with income, but can only supply our bill money and nothing more. Another Trustee (Director) is so sick and down with her body, she isn't able to do much of anything until she can get better and no one faults her for being sick either, it's just a huge blow to our development. The last Trustee (Head Minister) is disabled, no one will hire her and even if they did, she has so many medical conditions, she cannot work a normal job or shift like a healthy person can. If you're complaining about the slow progress of UA, allow us to put what Minster Wilson does into perspective for you.

Minister Wilson is micromanaging all the social media, websites, content for websites and her own celebrity website, her books, her artwork and private Discord servers, as well as her friend's Wix websites and their Discord servers. What does that mean? It means the only person able to build and create content for AW and UA is so busy it's ridiculous to think about how she does it all by herself with no pay. Minister Wilson literally sacrifices her mind, health and skills on a daily basis 365 days a year. No income for her. Ever. The only income she'll have is when she wins her disability which is now going on year nine and she has yet to win her case. While fighting 12+ medical conditions, Minster Wilson writes, edits and refines her manuscripts for Search For The Griffin, her #ChristianFantasy series composed of six segments, plus lores and #Christiananime illustrations.

There is over 2,000 pieces of artwork that she's hand drawn and still struggles to finalize. Now why would she be struggling to do that? Because she's the only one who can design Wix websites, run the AW and UA websites, fix the websites, upgrade the websites and create all the content see on the websites and she's the only creator AW has person who has the talent to write and draw. The rest of us look pretty and support her seeing as we lack those talents.

Minster Wilson once helped clients with their Wix websites and was never paid for her skills or labor. She did it for free because she doesn't agree with the rates web designers charge for website creation. She has a gift from God and doesn't like that the world conditions Christians to help others for a price. It's one thing to make a living, it's another thing to charge for something Yahweh freely gave to humans and charge for sharing His talents. If she's not designing or upgrading websites, she's watching videos and creating exams for the classroom, reading various books of the Old and New Testament and other trusted resources for the seekers.

When she's not doing that, she's praying, fasting and asking for help so some of this stress and weight will go away. It's been three years. No Christian has come or responded to her posts on social media or in her local community. Quite the opposite. Christians have criticized her and told her to give up and went so far as to say Yahweh wasn't in what she was doing--which isn't true. She only took ten years of her life test this ministry and her calling. Only ten years of constantly praying, fasting and soul searching to make sure she was hearing and being led by the right spirit. But hey, those Christians know her so well, right? To say those things and go mock her efforts when they don't even know her or the torment she's suffered to become ordained.

If she's not seeking Elohim for direction, she's drafting policies and working with the government to make sure legal procedures are accurate and up to date. You all do realize AW and UA was almost taken away and dissolved by the Kentucky Department Of Revenue, right? They misunderstood what we were about and doing and due to a false claim on a tax form, they said we owned them $87,000, plus interest. Oh yes, bad time to be alive in 2018-2019. Minster Wilson barley survived that ordeal, but she did and now has twice as much pressure to keep things secure and clear for the IRS, SOS and KDR.

Are you getting the idea? Are you putting the pieces together? UA is not finished and where we want it because the only person who's able to make that happen is stretched in twenty different directions and is barely able to keep stamina. If she goes down, AW and UA go down. It's that simple. The next time you wonder why the academy hasn't opened or why progress is so slow, remember this post. Remember it and process what little we told you in this post. Minster Wilson does other things, but we only mentioned the surface of the iceberg to give you all an idea of what she had to deal with and endure for the sake of the team, seekers and visitors of either website.

Theology & Accurate Resources

Another reason our progress is suffering is some of the resources we used has been removed. The pastors or groups we once trusted had scandals that countered the holy lifestyle of the Book. Other sources are supporting sin, sinful lifestyles and claiming they're of God and his church. No, sorry. That's not how it works. Either you do what the Book says or you don't. It is sad that some of our sources took this path and praise sin and have allowed it to enter Their holy place. Yahweh rebuke them, the whole lot of such churches and Christians who have wrongly represented Christ and His doctrine! At UA we take providing our seekers proper and creditable resources of the Christian doctrine that is the foundation to our faith is key at UA.

We don't want the seekers to read and stuff resources that clearly are influenced by human opinion, human bias and human inaccuracy when it comes to what the Holy Scripture is saying. Minster Wilson knows and fully expects everyone to study and pray for Yahweh to reveal the proper truth behind everything seekers read. That's what she desires, but she knows the flesh and pride can affect the mind and hinder Ruwah from working in the heart of human. To better prevent that from happening, she is working hard to make sure the original sources she found can still be trusted. The world and the church are constantly changing their ways, so it's very important that she and the team be sound in their decision to use old and new resources.

Obviously, UA and Minster Wilson cannot force people to see what Yahweh has revealed to our group. It has taken three decades for us to get to this point. That's a lot of prayer, fasting, reading and consulting different members of the church, just to be comfortable, not actuate, but comfortable with the path we are walking. Endorsing the 266 books of the Book isn't the issue. We don't worry or fret or having to prove how those books were canon, original and inspired and ordained of Elohim. That's not our issue and never will be the issue. The issue we face, is making sure that ever source we select is also properly aligned in that understanding and is not projecting their views of why the Book says this or that. Or why Christinas should or shouldn't accept the 266.

UA is a safe place, a haven for the entire truth of God so curious Christians can learn and study without pressure from other groups. Sadly, this means the sources we use must be carefully evaluated so the seekers are not pressured into to thinking one way or another. Seekers must decide for themselves if they're going to accept the entire Book as Yahweh intended it. Jubilees clearly stated that Yahweh wanted 266 books written and it was to be called "Book."

This alone is how UA knows that endorsing the "Lost Books" that we know of, are supposed to be in the 66. The series of books Yahweh wanted written has artifacts, known characters the 66 mention or are directly related to and those books reference the other books, so again, sourced are key and knowing that the sources don't indoctrinate people to take a stand for or against the 266 is important to us.

If bias opinions are able to break a Christian and persuade him/her to accept or reject Hashem, that bothers Minster Wilson. The only person who should persuade us is Yahweh Himself. If He moves a seeker to accept the 266, that's wonderful, but what if He moves a seeker to just stay in the 66? Should that anger us at UA? Should we yell and point fingers at seekers who sincerely are not being led to accept His whole truth? No. Yahweh forbid! We should pray for our brothers and sisters, wish them well and want to see grow where they are led.

Sources take time to clear and we want everyone, especially our seekers or skeptical critics to realize we are more concerned and interested in providing safe resources, free of bias and persuasive talk so seekers can pray and think for themselves. UA will not apologize for delaying the academy's opening date for this reason. We just ask that seekers and visitors who may become interested in UA to be patient with us as we build the academy, redesign it and make sure our content is safe for seekers to engage with.


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