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Tribe Wars

Updated: Sep 29

After enrolling, seekers will be assigned to a one of the 12 Tribes of Israel. Students will benefit from being in a tribe. One perk of having a tribe and being surrounded by other people who are studying the same content as you is having the ability to call for help from a tribe mate. If you don’t know the answer to a exam question you can call for help, ask the tribe mate if they know the answer. Students can do this up to (3) times per exam. The tribe mate they summon for help does not have to take the exam with them in order for the assistance to count towards their progress. : After you pass Stage 1: Novice, you will be assigned one of the 12 Tribes Of Israel. This opens up a whole new world for the student.

Camps on the Forum are unlocked, Zoom meetings between Tribemates will be permitted and Tribe Wars will also be a feature the students can enjoy. Tribe Wars us more than just a social gathering. It is a time when students can show off their skills, battling against other tribes using their knowledge of the scriptures. Each time a tribe defeats another tribe, the student's camp earns points. Prizes will vary, but in general a special limited edition badge is given to the tribe that has the most points.


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