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Objective Morality = Yahweh

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Is Objective Morality A Opinion Or The Truth?

Can people, no matter what race or their beliefs, be good without Yahweh in their life?

If a human being sees another human or animal across the street and decides to go over and help them, they have proven that they can be good without believing Yahweh. But the question here isn't can a human be good without believing in Yahweh. The issue is can we be good without Yahweh. If Yahweh isn't present to provide objective morality, our objective moral values do not matter. If Yahweh does not exist, objective morality does not exist either. Think about that a minute. Without a subjective reference point, no one has any idea how to determine left from the right or good or bad. So who can help a human do that?

Yahweh can, but when we remove Yahweh and His commandments from our lives as well as His stance on objective morality, that only leaves us with human subjective morality. Subjective morality applies only to the subject, to people individually and whatever their preference is. Meaning what ever a human finds good or evil in their own mind is not valid for someone else nor would their preference apply to others. Yahweh's objective morality and his perfect perspective applies to everyone and He sets the bar for humanity to reflect.

Yahweh wills virtuous values because He is 100% good, pure and divine in His nature. When the Godhead made aw-dom in their image they intended for humans to reflect their characteristics and their morals. Due to the curse of sin and the misuse of free will from spiritual and physical beings, humanity now struggles with this moral code in their reality that originally was not even a struggle or a controversy in the Garden Of Eden. In a realm without the Godhead's moral objective lens, good and evil does not matter. In fact it can't exist. Yahweh is the standard that reveals what is good and what is evil. Humans, if left to their own devices, will always argue what is seen and classified as good or evil through a moral subjective lens that is not rational or binding to anyone else.

In today's generation we see a lot of that. People are removing Yahweh's moral values and replacing them with their personal preferences instead. When Yahweh's objective morals are no longer serving a purpose in our lives our actions will no longer be considered morally right or wrong. A man or woman who is morally okay with the concept of abortion (murder), eradication of a race, theft, sex trafficking, racism and bias,

is just as wrong as a man or woman who sees a whole smashed muffin and insists to call the smashed muffin a whole muffin. There is a line that shouldn't be crossed and when the bar that defines morality crumbles, so does our societies.

Do you see the problem there? Shedding of innocent blood, going to war in the name of removing a whole race, taring, racial discriminations, lynching, abducting innocent men and women and sexually abusing them, stealing and rioting is bad. It is the equivalent to the person trying to convince someone a smashed muffin is a whole muffin. If you approach either situation with a subjective mindset, you will always rush to justify your mindset or personal philosophy of how you want to live a selfish, proud, sexually immoral, violent and unfair life.

If we cannot trust people and their subjective morality to lead us, who or what do we turn to for a reference point? It would have to be Yahweh. He is perfect and knows what is truly good and what is truly evil and would never condone wicked behavior or thinking. The moment someone sees a injustice and states it out loud and has some kind of reaction, they are affirming objective morals that come from who? Yahweh. The existence of objective morality points humanity to the very existence of Yahweh.


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