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Christian Anime Oath

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

We The Anime People

We the artist and Devs of AW hereby pledge a solemn promise to create Christian anime until we no longer can serve our community or our non-profit organizaion is legally dissolved. We will strive and work hard to purify secular anime. We will design and create the holy counter parts of our rivals that will become part of the Search For The Griffin (SFTG) series. All fictional locations and characters mentioned in the SFTG series will serve a means to witness to the lost. The themes of Artzenin’s projects will never glorify sin or evil, nor will the characters we help her create. We will expose it for what it is and teach our readers biblical morality ethics with each project we create.

At no point do we observe secular anime because we like it. We will never observe anime for fun or recreational purposes, it is strictly professional observation. AW will not create content that is contradicting to the Bible, its doctrine or the message of the Bible. Ultimately, we will use Christian anime as a steppingstone to reach the lost. We desire to see people come out of dark fantasy and to the light in reality where Christ is.


Blog post written by AW

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