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Updated: Jan 21, 2022

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We Want You, Really! But Only If You Want Us

Join Us!

It is not that we do not want to partner with other companies. It is not that we are biased and won't accept help from those like us. At the same time, there is clash and conflict of interest if our business partners do not believe in Yahweh, like Christ or promote holiness. We are very anxious and eager to have help, but in Yahweh's timing and with other fellow believers. However, it is not wrong to put out recruitment ads or promotion ads for partnerships in general. We intend to pray about everyone who comes to us and says they want to help us. This is not personal, but even people in the Bible sought Yahweh for help in everything before making a sound decision. Men who had wives that were barren sought Yahweh to give them seed. They asked Yahweh for children and He did it. No one needs to have a baby at AW, no one needs mountains uplifted and tossed into the sea. What we need is honest, dependable hard workers. People who are passionate and driven with passion.

We need people who want to see this ministry thrive for all the right reasons. If you are visiting AW for the first time and are curious to partner with us we would love to hear from you. If you are a Christian business and want to partner with AW there are a few things you must know up front. We will not partner with a professing Christian ministry/organization/company who supports sin of any kind or lifestyle whatsoever. We have a zero-tolerance for "Christians" who marry LGBTQ+ couples, approve of fornication (living together while not married), sex trafficking, pornographic hobbies, lying, stealing, cheating on their spouses, abusing their spouse or children, gossiping, committing spiritual adultery, idolatry, etc. This is not allowed. A true Bible-believing Christian knows that Yahweh, Ruwah and Yeshua would never support sin, therefore we expect our Christian partners to be doers of the Word, not just readers of the Word and put action behind their confession of faith if they're a certified Christian business.


Sealed Commitment

AW has policies in place that require our staff to sign a Contract For Hire that states all the requirements they must fulfill at AW on the clock. Likewise, business partners must read a document that covers similar guidelines and must sign a Partnership Contract. Business partners should never sign if they do not agree to the Terms or if they are not going to take us seriously. We will not accept incompetence or no joint effort in the partnership. To Christians who want to partner with AW, despite our difference in personal callings, and ministries, Jehoshua expects of us to come together, and labor in the faith for the sake of the Gospel. All business partners, regardless if they are Christian or non-Christian partners should respectful, kind, and loving towards one another. If we suspect a business partner is not meeting the terms of the Partnership Contract we reserve the right to terminate and cancel the partnership at any time. For further information about the Partnership Contract, please see the footer below and look under the Legal Info to obtain a copy of the Partnership Contract. This document can be mailed to our corporate address, but it is quicker, and easier to email the completed form to the Secretary at

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