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We're not popular enough or have enough people in our community for this to be of any use. When we become more known and more members join our cause this will be a good outlet to consider for basic questions. In the future we are confident our web community will help you find solutions to your questions.

Social Media Community

Our Youtube Community is in the process of becoming active. Our the staff is currently working on making it a useful source of information. This would be an ideal option for people if they wanted to learn more about our ministry, Unaligned Academy, our staff and view BTS (Behind The Scenes).

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We're here everyday to answer your questions during the week from 9AM--4PM EST. Visitors and members can contact the agents on the site and anyone in general can send us a email. Scroll down at the bottom to see other options.

Mission Statement

Our delegation at Anointed Works (AW) is creating Christian anime using the fundamentals of the Bible in the form of fantasy with originality, creativity and ingenuity. AW aims to serve the lost, lead young people who are trapped in secular fantasy, witness to LGBTQ+ individuals who claim to be "saved" and point them to the real Yeshua Christ through Artzenin's stories. Artzenin's Christian anime graphic novels teaches readers how choices, friendships, actions and decisions can affect not just daily life, but their eternal destination. We do not depend on Christian fantasy to save people. We depend on Christian fantasy to act as a stepping stone that gets the lost out of their corrupted thinking and use stories that will guide them to Christ in reality. In a world full of demonic entertainment, sexual corruption and deception. AW proudly sponsors Christian anime and helps create Christian anime. All projects we use reveal to our readers the Hebrew origin only. Our audiences must realize we are not interested in promoting lies or flawed translations of the Bible. AW is interested in teaching the truth about Yahweh, the doctrine He left for us to live by and aim to show people why it is vital to live a holy lifestyle.


Online Chat Availability


Our support hours are from 9AM-4PM EST Monday-Friday with the fastest response times between 11AM-1PM.  The easiest and most effective way to get help is to chat with us by clicking the chat bubble  at the bottom right corner of your screen. The average response time through chat is between 10-20 minutes. If we do not get to you right away just leave the window open and you'll hear a small noise from your browser when we reply. If you're on mobile just check back on your phone. If you contact AW Support Team during the weekend here on the website they will reply at the start of the week in and only during business hours. We have other platforms you can reach AW Support on. Please select the live chat service that best suits your needs.

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Common Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Unaligned Academy: For whatever the reason there is hostility towards our ministry and we would like to take a moment to clarify 3 important points.

(a) Anointed Works (AW) created Unaligned Academy (UA) and owns it.

(b) AW is the parent corporation of UA. UA offers a free course program, Kodis Epta. This means AW is the founder of UA's online ministry and has full copyright ownership over the ministry, its trademarks, logos and criteria used for the course.

(c) ANOINTED WORKS NON PROFIT LLC: is legally registered with the Kentucky Secretary Of State, approved by Micheal G. Adams, the Kentucky Department Revenue and the IRS. Our legal documentation that validates this Charter known as Certificate Of Formation, can be found at the bottom in the footer. All required legal documentation is listed for the public to see, and read at their discretion. Anyone (visitors or members) who contacts AW Support over these matters will be rejected upon review because there is no reason to discuss what has been validated and approved by our Governor, state, and federal agencies. It is one thing to report a error or a issue on the forum where the ministry is hosted. It is another thing entirely to falsely accuse a registered entity of our state in the nation of the USA and spread rumors and lie about its credibility. Not only will your claim be archived for evidence for our lawyer, but we reserve the right to press charges if your offense is deemed unfavorable. So how far is too far? That will be left up to the Board Of Trustees and they will make the decision to confront the offenders. Consider this statement your only and final warning.

2.) WARNING: Artwork illustration are Copyright © to Artzenin Eklektós. All rights reserved. Her illustrations, characters or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the artists or AW. If you are claiming Fair Use when using their copyright content, please visit the FAQ section that will properly define and explain what Fair Use is and is not.

3.) Are you curious to learn about the organization? Are you trying to understand more facts about your favorite character? Do you just want to learn something new? The FAQ is your best friend! If your question isn't found, just fill out a form on this page, and the Front Desk will get back with you within 24 hours. If you are still unsure of what AW is about prior to reading the FAQ, let us know your questions. We will make room for them and post them for future viewers.

5.) FTC | COOPA & COPA: This website is bound by the FTC’s COOPA Act. AW does not harvest or collect data information of our members/students. What data we do collect and what cookies we use are simple, common and needed in order to better serve our community. Member privacy is taken very strictly here. Your account and billing information will not be shared with third parties, but our Privacy Policy explains what cookies we use and what data is collected by the organization. None of this data is for sale and no one will receive subscriptions, newsletters or marketing mail to their inboxes. If we decide in the future to use marketing email, then that section of the Privacy Policy will apply, but at this time it is inactive. For those who are not familiar with COOPA, COOPA imposes certain requirements on operators of websites or online services directed to children under 13 years of age and on operators of other websites or online services that have actual knowledge that they are collecting personal information online from a child under 13 years of age. This is not to be confused with the defunct Child Online Protection Act (COPA).


Disclaimer: By selecting Email, you agree to us sending emails relating to your support ticket to the email you provided. AW Support will only email you on individual interaction basis and once your issue has been resolved, your ticket will be closed. If you ever find yourself in need our our help again, you can reply to the email and by doing so your ticket will be re-activated or you can simply create a new ticket. 

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Disclaimer: By selecting Text Reply, you agree to us sending text messages relating to your support ticket to the phone number provided. Message and  data rates may apply. AW Support will only text you on individual interaction basis. Once your issue is resolved your ticket will be closed. You must have a active ticket in order to send and receive messages from AW Support. 


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AW is the evangelical’s voice for Christian anime and the leading allegory source of biblical entertainment. We are  a non-profit organization with an American based team and we pride ourselves on our ability to take secular themes and cleanse them for the Lord. AW is non-profit organization with an American based team and are allegory specialists that have the ability to take secular themes and purify them for their Christian targeted audiences to enjoy, world wide. AW was founded on January 10th in 2018 by Rachel Renee Wilson. AW is the parent of Unaligned Academy and Co-Author of the Search For The Griffin series.